Hong Kong Haul! (With a Little Bit of Seoul)

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been consistent with my posts, but I was on a much needed vacation. My boyfriend and I spent around 10 days in beautiful, humid Hong Kong! I only brought a carry-on, but I was able to stow quite a bit of beauty products to pass the security line. My mother was also kind enough to buy me some items from her trip to Seoul! Below are my quick takes on the products I brought, and a more lengthy review on a few of the products will come in the near future 🙂


Banila Co. Clean it Zero Balm

thumb_IMG_6148_1024 I get the hype. Light scented, silky balm that melts easily into my hands, and dissolves all my makeup with a pea-size amount. The silkiness most likely comes from mineral oil, which personally does not irritate my skin. I plan on trying the Purity version for troubled skin in the future!

Banila Co. it Radiant CC Cream

I definitely bought this for the hype. I was pleasantly surprised however of how it does not give me a ghostly look, despite having a tan! I was planning on saving it for when my skin became paler, but I am able to use it now without concern of a drastic skin change from my body. It evens out my skin tone nicely and doesn’t leave a flashback in photos!

Etude House Soft Touch Auto Liplinerthumb_IMG_6078_1024

This has been my favourite, inexpensive liner since buying the mauve colour from my trip to Seoul in 2014. I bought the same colour I love, as well as a burgundy colour that proves to be just as beautiful. After the intensity of the liner fades, it leaves a nice tint on my lips.

Etude House Cherry Lip Tints

thumb_IMG_6079_1024I LOVE THESE. I bought all four colours the first time, and stocked up on my two favourite colours while in Hong Kong. I don’t do the ombre look on my lips, instead I love swiping it on my entire lip to give a nice, subtle colour to my lips.

Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask


I finally have this beauty of a mask! While in Hong Kong, I used this a few times after showering. I also used it as a spot treatment every night on some painful zits I had forming. It relieved the pain, and helped control breakouts while on my trip.

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum


My mom bought this for me from her trip to Seoul (well, I asked her to buy it for me :3). At first I was worried because it claims to be moisturizing, but it surprisingly sank in to my skin rather quickly and did not leave it feeling tacky! It also has a nice cooling feeling once applied. I’m finishing up another serum first, so this is definitely next in line.

Lavender Breeze Aroma Apricot Kernel Grain Muscovado Facial Scrub Cleanser (phew)


I bought this gem while walking around Sai Kung where a street market was located. I’m all about natural and minimal ingredients, so this cleanser definitely caught my eye. I used it right away when I arrived back in my “home.” I must say, the texture is beautiful, my face felt soft, and it did not irritate or leave my skin feeling tight. I almost passed this up, but I decided to go back and purchase it. Lucky me, it was the last one the owner had!

Sailor Moon Eyeliner


I think we all know why I bought this one. The liner is nice and fine, making it easy to do clean wings. This liner will take me to the moon!

Sasa Face Scrub


I was in desperate need of a physical scrub to pair with my cleanser, so I bought this fishy one to serve my needs. Gentle silicone type brush, and I was able to control it very nicely when it came to the nooks and crannies on my face. I wouldn’t say it’s incredible at removing dead skin, but it did what I needed it to do.

Tony Moly Lovely Eyebrow Pencil


Another gift from my mom! This brow pencil comes off as a soft, ashy colour that matches my eyebrows perfectly, and gives such a natural look. I am not using it now because my hair colour is quite light and blonde at the moment, so a brown liner is more of my go to.

Two Girls Face Cream


Another face product I bought in awe of its minimal ingredients. The texture is very thick, but it surprisingly leaves a matte finish on the skin. I gotta say, I’m already not too fond of the product because of how little it actually moisturizes my skin, but I’ll keep on with it to see if it gives me results in any shape or form.


Fleece Cow Pants

Living in Canada, with the worst insulated room in the house, these fleece bottoms are a must for me. They’re roomy and fluffy, and I feel cozy all the time.


Collecting fun socks is our family’s new past time.


It’s a must when visiting your favourite place, no?

Cord Hair Ties (on wrist)

I love cord hair ties. It saves me from using 2-3 of regular ones, and holds all my hair really well without pulling out a lot of strands. Gotta collect them all!

Horse Bracelet

IMG_6180I bought this little tourist item while visiting the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery. Such a beautiful place! They don’t advertise it as a main tourist attraction, but it’s definitely a place you MUST visit in Hong Kong. Back to the bracelet – cheap and cute, I love horoscopes, I bought it.

And that is all! Hope you enjoyed this post, and I’ll definitely be back with more in depth reviews on a couple of the products!

xo, M

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