Collective Luxury Haul with Some First Impressions: Sephora VIB 20% Off, Shoppers Drugmart 20x the Points

Hello hello hello (from the outsiiiiiiiiiiiiide)! I’m so excited to write this post. Today I will be featuring all the (expensive) goodies I bought from the Sephora at regular price and during their VIB 20% off, and the Shoppers Drugmart 20x the Points. Don’t be fooled by the little amount of items I bought – they may be small in number, but together, they put a dent in my bank account.

Sephora sales are exciting on their own; they offer so many great brands, and 20% makes you want to try more than you thought you wanted to. And you can still get a full refund on the items! While the 20x the Points at Shoppers never seemed all that exciting to me, a few friends convinced me  it is the best time to grab some products. Much to my surprise, I find it even better than the Sephora points and little perks. Although you are buying items for full price, the points convert into money, so you may get a product for free in the future. I went from $30 to $85 worth of free items at Shoppers during the 20x the Points event. That means I can get that Phyto Phytopolleine Botanical Scalp Treatment ($50 CAD) fo’ free!

Now, on with the products!

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Empties #1: Skincare

Hey everyone, this will be my first post reviewing products I have used up! These are usually my favourite types of posts/videos to read, because it’s a final opinion of products that have been fully tried. This Empties post is dedicated to my favourite kind of products: skincare. Hope you like the read!

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Declutter #1: Products I’m Chucking Out!

You know when you get excited about a product that you just got? Well, it went away very fast with a few products I will soon mention. Some I bought, some were given to me from friends/family members. It’s not to say that the quality in all the products were bad, it just didn’t tickle my fancy. I separated the post in skincare and makeup, but this post is mostly about the latter, and in no particular order. Enjoy the read!

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