Recipe: Miso Dressing

Hey everyone, this is my first post talking about FOOD! What better way to start my first Recipes post than to write about something healthy?

My boyfriend found the recipe online and took a look at the ingredients list. We played with the ingredients to make it into the consistency we both like. We ended up with a mildly citrusy dressing that retains the miso flavour, while the Rice Vinegar and sesame Oil carries a lovely smell.


(Dressing for 2) What you’ll need:
1 lime
Miso Paste
Rice Vinegar (RV)
Sesame Seed Oil (SSO)
Small bowl and a tablespoon
Citrus Juicer

What to do:
1. Prep! Get that lime juice ready, and add into the small bowl
2. Scoop a tbsp of miso paste into your small bowl, and mix it with the lime juice. The lime juice helps the miso break down, and help it mix more easily with the RV and SSO.

IMG_6529  IMG_6530

3. Add a TBSP of RV to your bowl, and continue mixing.
4. Add a drizzle-worth (does that make sense?) of the SSO.


5. Mix, mix, mix!

6. Add the dressing on top of the pre-mixed salad.


7. Once again, mix, mix, mix!


And voila! There you have it, a very easy-to-make salad dressing to liven up your taste buds. The salad in the picture has romain lettuce, radishes, cucumber, and green onions.

Hope you liked this post! I love food, and I love lots of flavour! I plan to share some more recipes in the future with you (like my home-made hummus, jerk pork… etc. etc.)

xo, M

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