Declutter #1: Products I’m Chucking Out!

You know when you get excited about a product that you just got? Well, it went away very fast with a few products I will soon mention. Some I bought, some were given to me from friends/family members. It’s not to say that the quality in all the products were bad, it just didn’t tickle my fancy. I separated the post in skincare and makeup, but this post is mostly about the latter, and in no particular order. Enjoy the read!



First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Liquid Recovery
Considering I paid $47 CAD (+ 13% tax) for this, I was really hoping for some good results. My skin has become increasingly dehydrated over the past year, and I was looking for something light to combat that, without causing more breakouts. FAB seemed perfect, because it’s a brand catered to sensitive skin with hydration issues. The Sales Rep at Sephora recommended I use this and mix it with my moisturizer to save the product. I haven’t used a serum in a long time, so I was very eager to try this one out, considering the price point and those blasted online reviews. Texture-wise, it’s like sticky water. I mixed it into my moisturizer, and pat it on my face. It wasn’t enough. The day after I tried putting a little amount into my hand to save the product, and pat it all over my face. I noticed the redness wasn’t as prominent, but my concerns were not fully solved. I tried it out for a couple of weeks, and slowly increased the amount in my palm every time. Even now as I type this, I tried it again in hopes that I’d be wrong about this product. My face just never felt relieved of the dehydration, and this product seemed to be used quickly, considering what I paid for. It is a nice concept, unfortunately, it didn’t work for me, and I can’t be bothered to finish up the product.


Sukin Facial Moisturizer and Moisture Restoring Night Cream
My initial attraction to this product was that it is affordable, with a list of good ingredients. I was looking for something moisturizing to combat the dryness I was feeling from a salicylic acid mask I had started to use. The feel of both moisturizers is creamy and light, a trait I found perfect for my (at the time) oily skin. Both have a powerful scent of Mandarin orange, and it lasts for quite a while. I bought the Facial Moisturizer first because the main base is cocoa butter, and I was in fear of potentially breaking out from the richness in the night cream. I was very wrong about that. It was so light, that my face still felt a bit dry. I followed with the Moisture Restoring Night Cream, hoping to get a bit more out of the product, but the same thing: it was not moisturizing enough. Disappointed, I left them to sit in my washroom drawer, hoping maybe my sister or brother would like to have a go at it (she didn’t, he definitely didn’t). I haven’t touched these products since, and I felt like it was time to retire them. I do not in any way think these are bad quality products, I actually think they’re quite good considering the price. I’ve tried their cleanser and clay mask as well, and they were just as pleasing as these moisturizers could be, had my skin not been so dry. I personally will not repurchase, but I definitely recommend it to those with oily, sensitive skin – especially if you like the smell of orange.



Gosh Cosmetics Extreme Art Eye Liner in “13”
I was pretty excited about this product when my friend gave it to me. It is a liquid eye liner in a gold colour. At the time, I was having difficulties in making the most out of eyeshadows for my kind of lid (I’m pretty sure I have a hooded lid), so I thought coloured liners would be the way to go. This product is very pigmented, and the thin, paint brush type applicator is very easy to use. Why I don’t use this product? It’s very, VERY difficult to remove. Just swatching it on my hand makes me uncomfortable, because no cleansing oil, micellar water, makeup wipe, will remove it with ease. I have to scratch it a bit with some oil on to even get a hint of it off. This alone makes it very off-putting to put on my delicate eye area. I would have loved to use this for fun night outs or potential Halloween looks, but unfortunately, I must let it go.


Dr. Lauranne Cinema CC Cream (Colour Correction Day Cream)
This is an Italian, spa-grade type product that was given to me by my boyfriend’s mother, who is a medical aesthetician. I was very intrigued at trying a high end, European cc cream, in hopes that I’d achieve a natural look. It’s a very cushiony texture, with a heavy, glass packaging. It does look natural upon application, but here were my 2 problems: the undertone and the scent. I have a yellow, maybe slightly olive undertone to my skin, and this product is purely pink. I was shocked, considering it is an Italian brand, that the undertone would be catered to more Mediterranean skin like my own. Once you apply it, it looks so lovely, but I can’t get over how much pinker my face looks. And the smell. Oh my the smell. It is VERY strong. So strong, you still smell it on your face! I still smell it on my hand from the swatch. I really wanted to love this product, but these 2 issues are an absolute no-no when it comes to covering my face.


Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye Pencil in “Black”
Another gift from a friend! And another fail. This product is so affordable, and the swatch looked so pigmented and so creamy, I thought it would be excellent for tight-lining and making flicks. Nope! This liner smudged so fast on my lids, I constantly had to check the mirror to fix my raccoon eyes. I tried it on my lids again with primer, hoping it would stay, but it still smudged. Another item I need to let go!


The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes “Palette 31”
Another product I really, really wanted to love! I like the concept, and I like the colours, What I don’t like is how the colours lacked pigmentation once I applied it to my eyelid, and how much a had to pack on for a satisfied look. I’d keep it, but they’re not colours I normally reach for, and I have palettes that I’d much rather use than this. Goodbye!


Maybelline EyeStudio in “Coral Oasis”
I bought this after watching a YouTube makeup tutorial with this palette. I thought the colours were beautiful, and would look great for my hazel eyes. I thought the pigmentation was amazing, however the shimmer was a bit much, and I didn’t like it on my lids at all. I found this palette didn’t compliment my eyes like I thought it would, and the shimmer made me feel like I was a 12 year-old. I haven’t touched it since I purchased it, so it’s time for it to leave my makeup drawer.


Lancome Colour Design Eye Brightening All-in-One 5 Shadow & Liner Palette in “Gris Fatale”
By this point, I’ve come to realize I don’t like all-shimmer palettes. This is no exception. The colours are rich and beautifully put together. But again, I didn’t like it on my eyes; the shimmer is too much, and I didn’t find the colours to look that great on me. The palette is not bad quality by any means, it’s just not one for me. Another one bites the shimmery dust!

Bottom Right: r.s.v.p, Flutter

Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner in “r.s.v.p.” and a No Name Long Wear Creme Shadow in “Flutter”
Bases I never wear, and when I give it a chance again and again, I don’t like how it sits on my lids and how it clumps up in the inner corners of my eye. Be gone!

Bottom left: top – Bronzed, Elegant bottom – sassy; Bottom Right: Elegant, Sassy, Bronzed

e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadows
These are very beautiful, but I do not use minerals eyeshadows ever. I used a couple of simple colours like “Elegant,” “Sassy,” and “Bronzed” all over the lids before, but they’re colours I already have in pressed form that are more pigmented. Also, it can get a bit messy using these eyeshadows, and it takes up a lot of space in my makeup drawer. I tried to like them and wanted to see if mineral eyeshadow was something I’d like, but alas, it cannot be.

And there you have it! Although I love makeup and skincare, sometimes there are products that are not meant to be. I surprisingly had a good time detoxing my makeup and skincare drawers, feeling lifted and minimal (well, a little more minimal) (and now there’s more room for new products >:-) ). I’ll throw some away because they’re just old, others however are still not even halfway through their shelf life, so a friend or family member might like them.

Did any of these work for you?

xo, M

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