2016: The Year of Getting ‘Er Done

Hey everyone, I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions, but turning 25 in December really struck a cord with me. I feel privileged getting older, and have had a stable life for most of it (with obviously some ups and downs). However, I’m just not where I want to be, or where I thought I’d be at 25.

2015 was a great year, don’t get me wrong. I’m still enjoying my job, kept amazing friends closer, ate healthier, traveled to multiple places… But I also said a lot of “I can’t,” “I’m scared,” “I’m afraid,” “what if”… Too much fear for someone who wants to be (almost) fearless and inspiring to others.

I want this year to be a year where I address all my concerns and get things done because it’s what I want for myself, and I want to be a positive source to my friends and family.

It’s not a New Year’s Resolution per say, but a list of 16 things I must tackle to better myself for good. It’s in no particular order of importance, and I hope you all can relate to some of them. This list will always grow, but hopefully I can cross out most of these by the time my 26th (or 30th) birthday roles around.

1. Clearer skin with less products
I really need to stop buying so many things! I am going to try to not purchase any makeup until I “hit pan,” or fully empty out a bottle. It’s hard being a beauty lover.

2. Drink way way way way more water
Online articles, my boyfriend, my coworkers, always stress the importance of drinking water, and I never seem to want to do it. I need to get over this, ASAP. I can definitely start carrying a bottle with me, make sure I drink it all and not be a germ-freak about using a public rest room.

3. Lay off the sugar
I definitely indulged this past holiday on the sweets. And why not? One can’t always be strict. But during the year I’ll make more of a conscious effort to stay far away from refined sugars for not only my skin, but overall health.

4. Work out more
The ongoing self argument. I have definitely worked out more in 2015 than I ever did my entire life, but I need to step it up with consistency. I can’t seem to motivate myself to go to the gym when I’m home from work. Like the Nike slogan says, just do it.

5. Bring meals to work
Simply put, I buy too much food, and it’s a waste of money. I can be eating something I actually enjoy, that’s good for me, and less of the cost. I must get into the habit of making time for this, just like making the time to work out.

6. Meditate
I remember meditating during my 2nd year of university while taking a free yoga class. It really helped me deal with the anxiety I had (it was so bad, I was physically shaking everyday from the stress), and helped clear my head and face a new week. This is something I should continue on a daily basis for my mental health.
For those interested in reading about how meditation effects cognitive health, I suggest reading this article, and following this lady in general: http://gizmodo.com/can-meditation-really-slow-ageing-1598973942

7. Do yoga
Alongside meditation, yoga also helped me with the daily stress I was feeling. It also helped clear my mind with focusing on just breathing and doing slow, meaningful movements. Don’t say you do yoga because “that’s your thing,” do it because it’s good for you alongside other workouts/activites.

8. Get my driver’s license
I should’ve been an independent woman who don’t need nobody driving me around since 16. But alas, I never got my license because my house, school, and jobs were always so accessible by subway, and parking and gas was an expense I could not commit to. But at 25 with a full-time job, now’s the time to be the 16 year old independent woman I’m meant to be!

9. Complete a Web Developer course
Oh hey, I started taking one. But the thought of taking a course on my days off actually hurt me a little. However, this is something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while, and used to do when I was younger for fun. It’s been months since I signed up for it, I should finish what I started (and potentially make money from it).

10. Learn the ukulele
My boyfriend bought me a ukulele for my 24th, but I am always in defeat when I can’t strum properly. Practice makes perfect, just like this blog, so I shouldn’t be so quick to admit defeat. A musical instrument, I will learn!

11. Be more organized
My folder for work, as well as my room, is a mess. I should make more of an effort to have visually stable items at home and work, much to my dismay.

12. See cleaning as therapeutic
Having said that, I actually feel really relaxed once I finish cleaning up. I recently threw away all my school notes and that triggered a level of anxiety I haven’t experienced in a long time. I worked SO HARD on those notes, and just to throw it all away…… I’ll stop thinking about it. No, I haven’t read that book about the art of tidying up, but I get the gist. Instead of seeing cleaning as a pain, I’ll see it as a moment to myself and I get to zone out while doing a chore.

13. Take care of my oral health
I’m so skin focused, sometimes I don’t pay attention to my teeth. Especially when it’s a mundane thing I do day and night. However the past year I’ve read a lot about oral care, and it’s definitely taught me how much of a role it plays in my overall health. Plus, I want to naturally whiten them and close up my cavities :B

14. Wear less makeup
I love makeup. It’s art. My face is a canvas. I love creating a look when I go out. However, it’s best to embrace my bare face more. It’s the face I need to love the most. Basically, I need to stop giving a sh*t and face the world confidently without makeup. Plus, it’s better in the long run for my skin (as much as I hate admitting it).

15. Learn how to cook more meals
Make a sandwich, sure, a quick salad, a package of noodles….. I can do those things! But I need to do more. Again, I shouldn’t see this as a chore, but something fun to do (even though my boyfriend’s the main chef and I’ll take his meals any day over mine).

16. Document everything
I’m not talking about just an Instagram photo or a Facebook status, I’m talking about actually taking and printing photos, as well as writing more on this blog. I want to do more, so when I’m on my 75th I can look back and have no ragrets.

Plus one for good luck: Volunteer
I’m so privileged, we’re all so privileged, it won’t hurt to contribute an hour of our time weekly, monthly, whatever time you want, to something, someone in need.

And there you have it, folks! A list of stuff I must get done. I’m sure there will be items to add on as life goes by, but for now I’ll stick to this stuff and keep the list on my phone. It may not come easy, but it will happen! As a renowned jedi once said, “No! Try not! Do or do not, there is no try.”

xo, M

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