Be Chill, Warm and Moisturized

If any of you live in Canada, or any country that gets below 0C, you know the agony of dry skin and a bone-chilled body! Although we have had a mild winter, I am very tiny, and I can’t put up with the cold. It hurts my soul when I step outside and the wind blows across my face… and arms… and legs… and ears… and head… and hands… Here are some beauty items and clothing that have been helping me keep it together while I wait for spring!



Weleda Skin Food
I’ll begin with the star of this post. During this time of year, my hands become dry. It feels painful, and my skin actually starts to crack. This cream soothed my hands right away and brought back moisture to my skin. I have used this on my face too when I didn’t have a facial moisturizer. As a night time cream, it is particularly excellent. It also has a pleasant, fruity smell. This has become a staple in my handbag!

Lush Full of Grace Serum
I’ve come to really enjoy this little thing. I was a bit skeptical at first, thinking this bar would either not be enough for how dry my face felt, or too thick that it would cause me to break out. To my pleasant surprise, it soothes and hydrates my skin, and does not cause me to wake up with a surprise dot on my face. I’ve been using it day and night and it hasn’t decreased in size too much. It takes quite a while to warm up in your hands so I’m not worried about it melting.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask
This winter weather had made my lips become cracked and sore. I had a sample of the Fresh Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy, but it was such a temporary fix, I needed something more. This Bite Lip Mask has shown long term results and has kept any painful cracks at bay. Not gonna lie, the price of this kills me a bit. However, I can’t get enough of it. Although she may be tiny, she fixes my cracked lips like nobody’s business!

Shea Butter
Shea Butter has proven to be useful in all dry skin needs, be it on my face, lips, elbows, knees, or entire body. I personally wouldn’t recommend this to the oily-skinned, acne-prone individual, for it will congest your pores and make you a grease ball. However if you want to try it, do it at night time, and as thin a layer as possible. Overnight, my skin was not congested in the morning, but rather healthy-looking and smooth. However, I applied it to my face on a 15 hour flight, and I ended up with such congested skin, I could see it in all my pores (sorry for the visual). There’s no specific brand of Shea Butter I’d recommend, other than to find it at a natural health food store, and made as raw as possible.

Left to Right: Shea Butter, Agave Lip Mask, Skin Food. Top Right: cracked skin from dryness 🙁 but it hasn’t happened as much since I started using the Skin Food and Shea Butter!

*All beauty products have been boyfriend approved, however, you’ll need to get him to buy his own 🙂

Some “Fashion” Pieces

I used to find it very hard to look good in the winter, especially when you’re layering and trying not to look bulky! Here are some clothing items I wear all the time in the winter, that still compliments my tiny body without drowning in material!



Knitted Sweaters
They’re cute, easy and comfy. Done. The one I have on in the photo is thin, loosely knitted, and cropped. It’s been my go-to to keep warm, but not so thick that I die of heat in a winter coat.

Wool Socks
I have perpetually cold feet, they are a must when I step out side in 10C> weather (who am I kidding, my feet are still cold).

Fleece Leggings
Yep, they exist! And yep, I wear them alone, or underneath my pants. My life has been forever changed when I was introduced to these. I’m a whole new winter woman.


Does anyone else out there understand my agony? You must. Or I don’t believe you. Recommendations on keeping me moisturized and warm are welcome!

xo, M

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  1. […] Ah – MAZING stuff! A little goes a long way, it nourishes any dry area immediately, and I was able to use this on my face without worrying about congestion. For oily skinned peeps I’d stick to night time use of this one if you want to put it on your face. I have a bigger tube of this one and it’s been a blessing for my chapped hands during the cold months. This will always be a repurchase for me, but the small size is quite convenient for travelling! Be Chill, Warm & Moisturized […]

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