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Hey beauties,

During WishTrend’s Black Friday sale back in November 2015, I ordered the I’M FROM Honey Mask. It was honestly just because it’s been hyped up so much on their YouTube, and I wanted to see for myself that a honey mask could be that amazing. It was also on sale 🙂

From what I was able to gather on their website, this mask contains 38.7% real honey, not extract, from Jiri Mountain, Korea. The brand “Honey & Persimmon World” is the name of the small farm in Wolpyeong Town that provides the brand I’m From the honey for its mask. They get the honey from the bees living in Jiri Mountain. By using their own technology, they safely store it in a glass jar.

I honestly didn’t think much about this mask once I first used it, because I thought it would be like any regular honey mask I tried. Boy, was I wrong. This mask surprised me with the end result I got, and I don’t know if I can not have this in my skincare collection once it runs out.

Read on!

Claims (in the most random of places)

*Tons and tons and tons of photos and videos promoting how amazing this product is on their website. I’ll just give you the briefest of information they provide, and how to use the mask, because the page featuring this product is quite overwhelming.*

“Jiri Mountain’s herbal honey is different from just ordinary honey.
Jiri Mountain is the one of the most herbs are located. Also it has right temperature.
Jiri’s honey has more than 1000 kinds of herbs and flower inside. It is full of propolis, fructose, and natural wax.
Hense, this honey is more taste and healthy effects, compare to the ordinary honey.

Removes dead skin cell
Provides nutritions

Moisturizing effect
Elastic skin texture
Lively skin
Herbal Ingredient

Recommended to:
Is your skin super dry when after cleansing?
Is your skin gets darker and darker every day?
Are you irritated by wrinkles that you find out?
Do you feel that you need some elasticity on your skin?
Does makeup not stay well because of dead skin cell?
When wearing makeup, does it fall apart?
Do you need a quick soothing?

How to use:
After cleansing, spread honey mask on your face. For about 10 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour, be relaxed. When the time is over, please wash off the mask.

Careful not to put mask into your eyes.
Do not store the mask into the fridge or cold place.
I’M FROM Honey Mask could be looked different from each other jar, however since it is made with natural honey, the colour could look different.”

*They have a photo of the ingredients and their safety level from the EWG Skin Deep website listed. For me, this definitely saves me some trouble!


With the plastic spatula provided in the box, if the honey separated with the oils, I mix it around until the consistency looks well enough to put on my face. I don’t put too much, and I use my fingers to spread out the product evenly on my face, focusing the excess on my troubled areas. The mask is not opaque by any means, however, my face does look a tad darker when I have it on. I personally like to leave this product on for an hour, to get the full benefits of the mask. As I wash the mask off, it seems like it emulsifies a tad. At first I was confused, I thought I wasn’t washing all the mask off, for it seemed to soft and smooth to be my skin. Then I realized it WAS my skin! What I notice after I washed everything off:

  • Removes dead skin cell – Uh, YES. This shocked me so much. I thought to myself, “what kind of honey exfoliates off deaf skin? PFFT.” All I did was touch my face and lightly massage. Before I knew it, I started to feel little pill-like things rolling on my face. Seriously though, below is a nasty picture of the dead skin I collected off my face from this mask.  (I had to take a photo, people. This amazed me, and it still amazes me, I don’t care if you’re grossed out (please still continue reading :3).
  • Provides nutrition – I’m saying yes, because of how my skin looks and feels after using this product, even days later.
  • Moisturizing effect – my face feels super soft after using this mask. I’m always a happy camper after I use it.
  • Elastic skin texture – my skin always looks very plump after use.
  • Lively skin – Due to the plumpness I just mentioned, my skin looks healthier, and even toned.
All the dead skin, yo.


  • I feel like it helps make my face smoother. The feeling of congested pores always disappears.
  • Current acne I have on my face decrease in size.
  • Relieves the pain from the inflammation in the area.
  • Can’t really notice what it does to my hyper-pigmentation, but as long as it helps with current breakouts, future marks won’t last as long.
  • After I washed and dried my face, I applied the C20 Pure Vitamin C 21.5 Advanced Serum, and my skin started to buuuuuuurn. My initial thought was, “what the? I thought I just put a soothing honey mask with oils on!” I looked up the ingredients on the website again, and I can’t believe I missed this, but it has bee venom as an ingredient. That’s right, bee venom! It must have made my skin a tad sensitive, and is probably the main reason why my skin had a plumping effect. So this is a word of caution: Don’t use an acidic product after using this mask, just go straight into something soothing and put on your moisturizer.



Overall Opinion

Congrats, Honey Mask. You are officially the first product on this blog I have reviewed that gets full points. This mask not only makes my face soft, evens out my skin tone and texture, plumps up my skin, helps with break outs, exfoliates… The product also lasts a long time, and doesn’t run out after only a couple of uses! This is definitely a repurchase for me. Canadian Dollar, you must improve!!!!!! I need more of this when the time comes, and the exchange rate hurts our Canadian souls……

You all must, must must must must get it, and try it out. I’m wearing it as I write this post!

I am a super picky person when it comes to skincare products, repurchasing them no less! I hope you give this mask a chance. Let me know what you think of it, because I absolutely love it!

xo, M

I’M FROM Honey Mask was purchased with my own money. I’ll always provide an honest opinion on anything I mention in my blog. Belieeeeeve!
Above is an affiliate link. I recently became one after this purchase and once I finished writing this review.

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