First Impressions: Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths

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Hey beauties,

So back on my Green Beauty Haul post, I mentioned the Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths. I’ve seen pictures of these circulate around Instagram, as well as seeing them in one of the natural health food stores I frequently pop into.

I purchased them for $13.49 CAD (before tax, $15.24 after), and wanted to see if they’re worth the splurge for the 30 cloths they provide.

Typically I’m not one for makeup wipes. They sting my eyes, make my skin tingle, leave a slimy residue, or break me out. A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a 7 cloth pack of the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes for my vacation down south, just to have something easy to remove my eye makeup. I gladly used up the entire thing quickly. It did everything I hate in a makeup wipe! I couldn’t believe it.

Seeing the claims and good ingredients in these facial cleansing cloths, I thought I’d give it a go to see if they prove to be something handy to have on late nights or pre/post workouts.


“Juicy bamboo is not your typical makeup remover ‘wipe’, it’s actually a healthy cleanser with natural cleansing oils.

Cleansing with oils, humectants or balms (non mineral oil) will eliminate skin issues overnight. juicy bamboo natural cleansing oil cloths are soaked in honey, jojoba oil sunflower oil and eight essential oils… they may be called a wipe but on the contrary… they are a cleansing oil cloth. Soaked in vitamins B12, C, E.

Without the harsh makeup stripping ingredients of a typical wipe you can use juicy bamboo as a convenient cleanser. Our cashmere-soft 100% bamboo fibers can be placed in the soil and watch them disappear! 100% biodegradable.

For full coverage makeup, you may wish to remove eye makeup prior to cleansing with juicy bamboo.”


Agua/water, miel/honey, sorbitan laurate, helianthus annuus/sunflower seed oil, hydrolyzed jojoba esters, glycerin, decal glucoside, polyglyceryl-4 laureate, dilauryl citrate, xanthin gum, citric acid, dehydroacetic acid, benzyl alcohol, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, citrus tangerina, citrus aurantifolia, citrus grandis

*This is definitely the short and sweet version of their ingredients. On their website,, they actually list their ingredients, with a brief explanation of their functions, and why they are safe.


  • Natural
  • Organic
  • Cruelty Free
  • Biodegradable


I got back from a family gathering at 2am, so I thought there’s no better time to test out these cloths! My makeup that night was pretty “light” (as in nothing too heavy or long-lasting), and majority of product were around my eyes. I had on loose powder, concealer, blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, mascara. When I first unpackaged them, I immediately smelled the essential oils emanating from the box. It smelled like a honey-lemon water with more honey. One cloth was pretty thin, thinner than I expected, and nicely saturated in product. For some reason I was expecting it to be drenched like a sheet mask lol! I used one cloth to remove makeup from both my eyes and face, and did not apply any other skincare afterwards. I wanted to test the full effect of these cloths!

Here’s what I experienced night of, and day after:

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  • It didn’t sting my eyes.
  • My skin didn’t tingle.
  • There was no disgusting, slimy residue.
  • My skin did feel dry after use, but not crazy dry if I washed solely with a cleanser.
  • I didn’t wake up to racoon eyes the next morning.
  • My breakouts weren’t inflamed (not sure if this is to do with the cloths, or the fact I just didn’t do any type of skincare after).
  • I didn’t have any extra breakouts.

Overall Opinion


Oh, my, God, Becky. Finally, a makeup remover – or as they state, a facial cleansing cloth that actually does it’s job while not irritating my skin, especially around my eyes! Although they be pricey, I don’t plan on using these on a nightly basis. I have cleansing waters and balms for that! However, they are perfect for those lazy nights like I just tested these on, or to give my face a clean slate before I go workout. For me personally, if I don’t remove facial makeup, or even moisturizer, my skin will become congested (visual: bumpy looking, all underneath the skin). I always pack some cleansing water and toner, but had the unfortunate experience of both leaking out of the small containers I put them in. The Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing cloths are now in my good books, and I’m glad to now have them circulate in my skincare!

Update: After a few more uses

These are very, very handy. I have been having a few late nights at work, so once I get home I just use these facial cleansing cloths and a moisturizer. I wake up to no problems on my face the next day. Don’t you love it when that happens? (Again, wearing minimal makeup). The smell of these facial cleansing cloths are also very relaxing, especially after a long day.

Hope you liked this quick review! Does anyone else use these? Watcha think? Also, I want to try their Bamboo Tapioca Beads Daily Powdered Cleanser!

xo, M.

Check out the First Impressions Video!

Find this product at or in select stores.

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Purchased with my own mula because Instagram made me.

5 thoughts on “First Impressions: Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths

  1. I love these! They also used to sell them individually wrapped, which are so nice to have on hand when travelling! 🙂

  2. […] I have to say it – SO much better than the Kaia Naturals ones. These are also made of bamboo cloths, and are way more substantial with ingredients. I found the Kaia ones dried out pretty fast, whereas these ones keep in tact, and leave the skin feeling more hydrated. My one problem is, this pack is 10/$9, and Kaia’s are 30/~$13-15. I personally don’t use makeup wipes a whole lot unless I go on vacation. In which case, I’d probably opt for the Consonant Come Clean ones when the occasion arises again; I’ll actually use all the cloths as opposed to letting them sit in a bin and drying out like I did with the Kaia ones. First Impressions: Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths […]

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