I DID PIIT28: The Tiny PIIT Princess Perspective



If you follow me on my Instagram @michxmash, you may have noticed that in the month of March I have been doing a photo challenge called #PIITstagram. Alongside this in real life, I have been doing PIIT28 – Pilates Intense Interval Training.

PIIT28 is a workout program created by Cassey Ho, a.k.a. Blogilates. It started based off of her needs and personal struggles to not only become more fit, but to work out in her busy schedule. Seeing results, she spent a year creating this program to share.

Basically, you only need to workout 28 minutes and 40 seconds a day, 6 days a week. Yep, that’s it. Here’s a breakdown of what your <30 minute PIIT28 workout looks like:

  • 4 Rounds
  • 1 round = 7 moves
  • 1 move = 45 seconds, 15 second break in between each move (and round)

Warm up before and stretch after, maybe 40 minutes, tops, is your total workout.

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SPRING MAKEUP LOOK: Light, Bright and Colourful


Hey beautiful people,

Although it has been on and off sunny here in Toronto, the weather has still been quite depressing. We got a huge snowfall last week for crying out loud! Having said that, I thought I’d make a bright and fun look to counter-act the gloomy, cool weather we’re experiencing in Spring.

The Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner was the beginning of my inspiration, because I’ve been wanting to do a purple eye look to compliment hazel eyes for a while. I thought Tarte’s Tartelette “In Bloom” Palette would balance the eye liner perfectly, with their bright and warm colours. Obviously, this look isn’t excluded for the hazel-eyed individuals out there!

Here’s a step-by step guide of how I achieved this eye look, and the face products I used to compliment it. I’ll throw in my base as well, because this look was meant to be light all around.

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