March Favourites 2016: Mostly Beauty, a Tad of Fashion

Hey beauties,

Here is a round-up of beauty items and fashion pieces I’ve been liking a lot for the month of March. Some I purchased this month, others I have had for a while now, but have been using them a lot recently. Hope you enjoy the read!


Lush Cosmetics Grease Lightning

I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of cystic breakouts around my chin and jaw line lately. This has been helping to lower the inflammation from the breakouts, shrink its size, and cool down the soreness. The redness around the breakouts have also decreased dramatically. I like that I’m able to wear this under makeup without it making my base look flakey (but it may be so if you put too much).


Kiko Cosmetics Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara

I’m pretty impressed with the performance of this mascara. It has an hourglass wand (one of my preferred wands for mascaras), and it’s able to thicken and lengthen my lashes without making them look too clumpy, and not smudging. I tried the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara before this, and it was complete garbage. This one is cheaper, and does exactly what I need it to do!

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover Up “33”

This concealer is a very handy item to have. If I just want a chill makeup day, but still need my breakouts and redness covered, I either use my fingers to lightly blend across the red areas, or a dense brush to pack in the coverage on a spot. I notice at the end of the day that area doesn’t look as inflamed or as red. I’d say this has to do with RMS Beauty’s line being based with coconut oil! I find it also matches my colour pretty well, especially when I’m more tan.

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow “Rio de Rose Gold”

Love this eyeshadow. Like the name says, it’s a watercolor eyeshadow that you shake up before use, and use its doe foot applicator to apply it to my lids. I either dab it on my eyelids and sheer it out with my finger, or I will cover my entire lid with the applicator, and wait for it to dry so I get a more intense, pigmented colour. This is the only colour I’ve tried out, so I’m definitely going to be looking for another one!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush “Dim Infusion”

I think I bought the least popular Hourglass blush in the blogging world, but it is nonetheless beautiful. I only say that because I never hear or see anything about this colour, it’s always the other ones! Although she be pricey, I love the colour payoff of this blush after just one swipe of your brush. It’s a very nice coral colour, which is my favourite type of colour in blush! It doesn’t even look chalky after application, or too glittery, it just looks like your cheeks are perfect and have a natural colour.

Sappho Organics Liquid Foundation “Kate” (REVIEWED)


I first bought a foundation from this line in 2013, and it has changed my skin since. I’ve noticed once I started using it, my skin was clearing up faster, and cystic breakouts popped up less. It sits on my skin very nicely, does not sink into my pores, and the ingredient list proves to be filled with skin-friendly ingredients. A great plus for this foundation is that it matches my ever-changing skin tone, as well as undertone. I tan very easily, but my face colour becomes lighter as time goes on without some sun. I also find my undertone is a mix of golden/olive, and I find this foundation line perfect for these “issues” I have. If you’re looking for a pink undertone, I believe their lightest shade “Mia” will be the one to grab (if you’re that fair).


Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints “6324” “6321”

I bought these a while back during my visit to Hong Kong (check out the HKG Haul here). Originally trying all 4 colours back in 2014, I fell in love. This time I opted for my 2 preferred colours. Not only are they affordable and cute, they actually give my lips an awesome, translucent tint. Although I like lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, sometimes they can look a bit too cakey on the lips, plus they seem like an extra layer of product! I’ve been taking the easy lip route lately, and have been opting for these Fresh Cherry Tints all month.


Timberland Women’s Amston 6-inch Boots

Classic. Feminine. Comfy. 3 words I’d use to describe these awesome pair of shoes! I wanted to get the classic Tim’s, but once I saw them in person, I didn’t like the style for me. The toes are too rounded, and the look is very androgynous. I also felt like it would make me look short and bring more attention to how tiny I am. Instead, I opted for their wedge option! Still the classic Tim’s colour, only with a wedge, and the toe is a tad more pointed – more to my liking when it comes to shoes. Plus, it kept my feet/still keeping my feet warm with the crazy weather we’ve been experiencing in Toronto! (It’s April and I’m standing in snow.)


Titika Marathon Jacket

When there were some random warm pockets of weather, or when I was in a different city for work, this jacket was tres handy. It is also super cute and it fits me properly! Although it does have a cropped windbreaker-type material at the top (which you can remove entirely as a separate jacket!), the fabric doesn’t stick out too much at the back, so the overall fit is nice, trim and fitted!


And that’s it, folks! Here’s my monthly round up of things I’ve been liking/loving/striking my fancy. Whaddabout yoself?

xo, M


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