OOTD: Shibuya109

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first fashion post.

About a month ago I went to the amazing city that is Tokyo. While there, my sister and I noticed how fashionable everyone was. You could definitely tell the trends, and that everyone has put effort in what they wore. We were very inspired during our travels, and had to shop at the monumental Shibuya109 – a women’s clothing mall that has 9 floors to shop on.


You cannot miss this iconic mall when coming out of Hatchiko Station and walking through the Scramble Crossing.

I’d say the vice of Shibuya 109 is that they advertise many sales, yet they still give off a rather high price, considering half the shops are one size fits all. I have to say though, a lot of the clothes are items that you don’t see too often in Toronto. I guess this what gives Japan it’s unique style!
After exploring all 9 floors, I managed to snag a piece that caught my eye and couldn’t stop thinking about 5 floors later.

Rasvoa Underground Montone Black – ¥5’900
(This is the only translation I could find for the piece… Sorry)


Printed jackets have been making a comeback, Toronto to Tokyo. I personally never cared for a printed jacket, I’m more about sleek looks with subtle patterns. I never thought something like this would be the one to catch my eye.

Although it is a one size fits all, it doesn’t look too overbearing on me, and it’s black!

I decided to create a 90s inspired look. I paired it with my Black Bead dress from M for Mendocino. I thought this dress would be perfect because of its high neck, making the dress look more lengthy even though it stops just above my knees.


To end it off, I included a pair of metallic sandals with a bit of a platform. I originally wanted to wear my white converse, but I love how these metallic silver shoes just add a pop to the neutrality of this look, and its adds to the trend of shoes I saw while in Tokyo.


Hope you enjoyed this mini post!

xo, M

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