Empties #2: Hair Products and Moisturizers

Oi Vey!

I’ve been collecting empties without a post for so long, it’s actually gotten to the point where I can actually divide them into categories!

So for this one, I thought I’d tackle the hair and moisturizers! The hair items mainly focused on my at the time irritated scalp and dry bleached hair. The moisturizers however are an eclectic mix of items I have tried for the year so far. Enjoy the read!



Abba Moisture Shampoo

I complained to my boyfriend’s mom about my scalp issues, and she surprised me with a big bottle of this shampoo! After using up the big baloo, here’s what I noticed the most about it:

  • Lovely cooling sensation on the scalp
  • Relieved irritation for a few days
  • Kept scalp healthy and balanced
  • Hair left feeling fairly soft
  • Love that it helps my scalp and doesn’t strip away moisture from my hair

The day I give up my blonde hair, I will definitely go back to this. Although it didn’t help with my scalp issues permanently, it definitely didn’t contribute to the problem, and kept my mind and scalp at ease.

Aveda Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo & Conditioner

I bought this because at the time my scalp was on fire. Well, not literally speaking. More like it was irritated and itchy beyond my control. I was hoping this line would be my cure to my demise. I’d leave both the shampoo and conditioner in my hair for few minutes at a time, with a scalp massager as well.

  • Some irritation subsided
  • Scalp did not get as oily throughout the week
  • Had to use quite a bit of product – but I also have a lot of hair
  • Conditioner was okay, didn’t make my hair super silky

It was good, but I won’t repurchase. What I needed at the time was a bit more heavy duty, and the Phyto Paris Phytopolleine Scalp Treatment really helped with that. I would recommend this Aveda line to those that need to balance out their scalp and who are moving away from washing their hair every day, to every other day!

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin

This product got a lot of hype in the YouTube world (head it from Ingrid Nilson first). Intrigued, I manage to get a 2 for 1 deal with this product while I was down in the States for work.

  • Detangled my hair really fast
  • Left my hair feeling soft
  • Great as a heat protectant
  • Hair never had that fuzzy look if I didn’t dry it properly and walked outside in the heat
  • My ends didn’t look botched

I really like this product, and have no complaints about it other than that it’s hard to get a hold of here in Canada.

Wen Sweet Almond Mint Replenishing Treatment

I got this from my mother when she ordered the Wen Healthy Hair Kit This is a mistier, more-liquidy type of hair treatment. It worked on the get-go, but my hair never really felt soft after it fully dried. And I would even spray this product again! This will have to be a pass. Standard oils can do a better job.



Face Shop Flower Touch Hand Lotion Orchid

  • Great size
  • Smelled amazing – nice and light, like cotton candy
  • Light consistency and moisturized my hands very nicely
  • No greasy finish, just soft finish

I did want to buy this again, however my current needs require heavier creams. (Refer to the Weleda Skin Food)

Gatzmen Big Moisture Cream

This is a moisturizer I bought for my boyfriend to use while making a big online purchase on WishTrend, but I dabbled in it every so often when I slept over at his place.

  • Gel-like texture – almost like aloe  vera
  • Sinks into the skin very easily – good for those with oily skin, but my boyfriend has normal to dry so he didn’t like that aspect
  • Gentle
  • Big pot, but for dry skin, lots needed

My boyfriend did like the product, but he prefers something richer. Otherwise I would give this to someone with oilier skin.

Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins

A night cream that quite a few of my friends love, and I can see why.

  • Pleasant smell
  • Rich enough – not too heavy on the skin
  • Face looks fresh in the morning

I would recommend this to those that need a night time moisturizer, but I personally have passed it because I prefer using a simple facial oil before bed time.

Origins Eye Doctor

Great eye cream for what my needs were at the time. It did what I needed it to do – moisturize my under eyes. But that’s all it does, hence why I moved onto more potent eye creams. Otherwise I would definitely recommend this if you’re looking for something simple!

Phyris Derma Control Sicca Repair Balm

My boyfriend’s mom recommended this to me when I was still dealing with quite a few cystic breakouts and starting the joys of dry skin.

  • Moisturized without feeling too heavy
  • Smelled amazing
  • I’m pretty sure it actually helped maintain clear skin
  • Evened out skin tone

I repurchased this product already, but I  don’t think I will go back to it. My skin has been drier than ever lately, this does the job for those with normal to oily skin (or so I find). Otherwise highly recommend!

Weleda Skin Food

  • Rich product
  • Smells good
  • Can use on face and body

I already repurchased the largest tube. (And you should too).

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for another Empties post in the future!

xo, M

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