Travel Friendly Products You Need in Your Carry-On: Powdered!

As a frequent flyer, I always find it a pain to bottle my cleansers and moisturizers in the little bottles, and constantly buy an overpriced travel-sized hair-spray or toothpaste. The bottles are still prone to exploding, and the other two finish in less than 10 uses. On top of that, there’s a must for the type of lotions and potions I need to keep my face clear during my travels. My toiletry kit ends up taking a nice chunk of my bag, leaving little room for an extra pair of shoes or purchases.

With much trial and error, I discovered the wonderful world of powdered products. No limit is needed, and they are multi-purpose! Below are my new found favourites to bring with me during my travels.


Pure+Simple Organic Vanilla Cleansing Powder
This is the first powdered cleanser I have ever purchased, so it took a bit of experimenting to figure out how much to use and with what to mix it with (Thus the state of the package). After many trials, here’s how I like to use it:
As a cleanser – just mix a quarter-sized with enough water, and leave on face for a couple of minutes.
As a mask – double the amount, mix with a bit of water (could be regular, floral, or toner) and facial oil of choice (for me it’s Rosehip Seed Oil) and leave on face until it has all dried.
As an exfoliator – this is a bit tricky, since the product gets very adhesive if little water is added. But it can be done! I just wouldn’t depend on this to do any vigorous exfoliating; it’s purpose is just gentle, light exfoliation for daily use.

One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder
I’ve tried many dry shampoo powder’s before, but I’ve opted for this one mainly because it doesn’t irritate my scalp. I was in love with the Stila Jade Blossom Dry Shampoo Powder because of it’s spout distributing product, and it’s pleasant smell. I don’t know why, but down the road it began to irritate my scalp to no end, and I was already going through literal rough patches with my scalp. My scalp’s a lot better now, and making a switch to Healthy Locks definitely helped with not contributing to irritation. It smells just as good, and does the job well.

Theraneem Naturals Tooth and Gum Powder
I’ve dabbled into making my own tooth powder with success, but what I REALLY like about this one is how it emulsifies with little product on my toothbrush. This powdered wonder is perfect for travels and keeping it in a carry-on without worry, especially with its small spout.

Organika Activated Charcoal Powder
Back to home-made tooth powder, this is definitely an ingredient that can be used for your teeth to help make it whiter! The problem is the insane amount of black spots you will find on the sink, taps, mirror, clothes… You don’t realize how much water is flying around until you use this. Aside from being another benefit to oral care, you can double it up as a mask as well. Since I only put it in a small container, I settle with it as a spot treatment. I wouldn’t leave it on overnight since again, you will most definitely see black on black on black on everything.

Any other products you recommend I check out? I’m always down to try something new.

xo, M

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