23 Years Old Loves: Zincnol & Badecasil

Hey lovelies,

Back when I was in Seoul at the end of September, I picked up 23 Years Old Zincnol and Badecasil while perusing Olive Young once or twice (or a few times).

What prompted me to pick up these products were:

  1. I needed a heavy moisturizer for the fall month that is compatible with my dry, acne prone skin
  2. I was breaking out like a mofo due to Korea’s harsh water supply, the long touristy days, and getting over a cold; I needed SOMETHING.

I’ve been using both products consistently for just over a month, so it’s about time to tell the world why I love these products.


I was immediately intrigued by Zincnol because, well, the main ingredient is zinc! It’s always been a skin saver for me, so I was pleased to find it in a moisturizer.


Zincnol is designed to create a protective hydration layer over your skin to protect and prevent from any irritants. As it effectively calms & soothes irritations, it protects and prevents with the hydration layer—strengthening for healthier, youthful skin. Absolutely irritant free with a pure formula for safe use for anyone and everyone, Zincnol is designed to revolutionize your skin solution.
+ Soothing.
+ Protecting.
+ Strengthening.

I’ve been using a nickel-sized amount of product in the morning only. It is a very thick cream, and it makes it kind of difficult to spread over my face.

Top: My really, really, dry hand that was a little red as well. Middle: A dab of the moisturizer; very thick and opaque. Bottom: My hand after massaging the moisturizer in. Notice it’s not read anyore and the cracks in my skin are not as prominent.

Effectively calms & soothes irritations – Definitely. Once I apply the cream to my face I notice immediately how less red my face and breakouts are!
Protects and prevents with the hydration layer – At the end of a long day, my face always looks calm, collected, and moisturized! I never look dried out after using it.
Strengthening for healthier, youthful skin – I’ll agree to this because my skin never looks thinned out or dull, and has been looking glowy and healthy since using Zincnol.


NO WHITE CAST! I know this is hard to believe, but I’ve tested it in store on Nick (who was half-willingly to do so) and his face was cast-free!
You get a tacky feeling after using this product, and you may need to blot if you use too much.
Tube form for a moisturizer is great and all, but mine unfortunately cracked within 2 months of use; this makes it a tad of a pain to travel with.


Badecasil was recommended to me by the nicest employee I have ever encountered in Seoul. He really took the time to listen to my concerns despite the language barrier between us.


Badecasil Cream is moisturizer that gently hydrates, exfoliates, and protects the skin.
Badecasil penetrate deep into skin and clear away sebum and black heads.
Badecasil Cream contains Betaine salicylate. It makes your skin deeply hydrating,
lightweight wonder designed to smooth the complexion while reducing the appearance of
wrinkles and discoloration. This expert essential delivers soft, healthy, glowing results.
+ Maintain optimal moisture balance with PH level 3.29
+ Provides a refreshing ‘Moisture drink’ for the complexion, without causing congestion.
+ Great for sensitive skin because made with Jeju Carbonated thermal water.

I’ve been using this only at night time all over my face, and you only need a pea-sized amount. The only times I would use it in the day was only if a particularly painful spot popped up.


Gently hydrates, exfoliates, and protects the skin – True, true, and true! By gentle it’s REALLY gentle, the AHA and BHA does not irritate my skin at all, and it also doesn’t look thinned out fro the active ingredients.
Penetrate deep into skin and clear away sebum and black heads – Proof is in the puddin’! I notice a difference in my breakouts after one night of use, now the whole area is almost clear!
Smooth the complexion while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration – I will say yes because my skin does look quite smooth when I wake up. It’s hard to say if it can REALLY help with wrinkles, but AHA is supposed to be phenomenal for those skin concerns! Discolouration in my breakouts has definitely gone down and I forgot I even had a crazy breakout in that area!
Maintain optimal moisture balance with PH level 3.29 – Not sure about “optimal” moisture, but it definitely doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.
Provides a refreshing ‘Moisture drink’ for the complexion, without causing congestion – Meh, this is so-so. I still put a facial oil on top after applying this if my face is feeling particularly dry that night. Otherwise, Badecasil can’t really stand on its own for dry skin, but I’d say the oily skinned would be satisfied.
Great for sensitive skin because made with Jeju Carbonated thermal water – Oui oui, cheries! I never get a tingly sensation from this product, or any type of red patch to show if the product is too much.

Top: Night Before; Bottom: Morning After

Overall Opinion

If you haven’t guessed, I LOVE these products! The Zincnol is amazing at moisturizing my chapped skin without providing a crazy whitecast. Badecasil really helped with my breakouts and getting the area of my skin cleared up from any post-marks.

Oct. 5 2016 – Nov. 11 2016

The few things I that have bothered me about the two:
The packaging. Sure it’s great it’s in in tubes, but those tubes can crack and leak (it did with the Zincnol.
I find product also collects a lot at the caps because the creams continue to flow from the tube, so it can be messy.
Zincnol is such a thick cream, sometimes it’s difficult to apply without pulling your skin. However this could be solved if you mix it with a bit of facial oil.

Other than those particular tidbits, I really enjoy using the two items and can definitely say they have helped heal my skin. I’d say any skin type can use these items, I would maybe recommened an oilier skinned individual to use the Zincnol at night.

xo M


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UPDATE 11/08/18: I found updated links for where to find these products (with updated formulations and/or names)


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