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BubzBeauty finally did it – a collaboration! With Bh Cosmetics, she created a 12 color eyeshadow palette. I am a huge BubzBeauty fan; when I was going through insane skin troubles, I found her videos, watched and tried many of her DIYs to help my skin, as well as her Q&As about acne. She’s probably the one of the few beauty gurus I have been subscribed to for years and still enjoy watching – I even started watching her vlogs (I NEVER watch vlogs).

Being a huge fan, I absolutely had to have her palette. When it was released, I was in South Korea, and messaged my sister to buy it ASAP because I could not wait.

CAD price with shipping the palette was about $25 – I don’t find this a bad price at all because:
1) It was (and still is) being sold for $16.63 CAD ($12.50 USD)
2) I paid way, way more for palettes in the past (UD Naked 1 and 3)

Now it has been a while since she released it, but I still want to review it. I love Bubz, but my review is and will always be honest!

Concept and Why Bh Cosmetics

“…The two previous companies I had worked with before only managed to ‘promise’ but not deliver. I was heartbroken twice so didn’t want to get my hopes too high despite hearing wonderful things about BH Cosmetics. Luckily, they were hands on right from the beginning. Not once did they say ‘No, we can’t do that’. I’m truly thankful. Truly thankful they put all their trust in me in terms of design and layout too.

How did I get the inspiration? I asked myself, ‘If I could only use one palette for a whole year, what eyeshadows would I use?’. I knew it had to cater my day looks as well as night. I didn’t just want to create a pretty eyeshadow palette. I wanted to create something that would inspire you to be the best that you could be. Be beautiful inside and out. Positivity in a palette, if you will. Hopefully it’s what you guys expected. I’m very happy with the price too!!

…I want to thank BH Cosmetics by choosing to work with little me. You guys have been nothing but patient and supportive. The launch took longer because I was picky and kept asking for improved samples and yet you guys never said a word. Thank you for believing in me and my viewers.”

Except from her YouTube vid description

Packaging & Quantity




The shadows are held in a cardboard-type palette; however it is quite sturdy and closes with a magnetic strip in between the cover and base.

Palette colour is a pale pink base rose gold lace detail. I like looking it at it, is all I can really say about a simple looking palette.


The mirror is a very good size. I used it while creating the eye looks you’ll see down below. I find the quote above the mirror a nice touch and very typical Bubz.


Bubz’ palette is definitely affordable compared to the iconic Naked Palettes. Let’s see how they match up in the shadow amount:

UD Naked Palettes 1, 2, & 3 | 12 x 0.05 oz/ 1.41 g ($66)
Be… By BubzBeauty              |  12 x 0.29 oz / 8 g ($16.63)

For arguments sake, we can discuss UD’s formulation compared to Bh Cosmetics, a little amount is ideally useable before expiry, colour scheme per palette… Bubz explained that she is looking for a day-to-night type of palette that offers a variety of options, and colours that work together; the ONE palette you would have to use for an entire year alone. Plus, I’m pretty sure her audience is a lot of teenage girls, so this palette is a gem for the price and starter colours.

The Shades and Swatches

Call me corny, but I love the eyeshadow names. It’s a nice change from seeing “naked” “orgasm” “envy” “yas” “fierce” “fleek” whatever the latest lingo is out there! I actually find it very true to Bubz and what she tries to put out to the world.


The shades are quite diverse, so much so it initially made me weary about the colours going together in a look without dabbling into an eyeshadow outside the palette.

I took the photo in a photo tent and increased the lighting very little because the original photo turned out a bit dark. This swatch photo is very true to how I see it on my arm in natural lighting.


Click to enlarge

It looks light, because that’s how the swatches showed up (I didn’t dig like crazy into the palette and try to rip my skin of with the swatch.) The only ones that gave a decent opaque pigment were the glittery ones except the first (Happy). The 2 matte browns (Optimistic, Inspired), the burgundy (Thoughtful), and the deep purple (Confident) took a couple of swatches to get the colour to even show up on my skin.


I came up with 3 looks from this palette. For eye primer I used Paris Collection and just set it with Essence All About Matt, a translucent powder. I also went pretty tame on mascara just so you could see the shadows in the photo.

I ONLY used colours from this palette. I did not dip into anything else to create these looks (other than brown liquid liner for the first look).

LOOK 1: Neutralish

  1. Optimistic used in the crease with a crease brush
  2. Packed Grateful and Genuine on the lid with fingers interchangeably until desired colour and opaqueness was reached
  3. Used a small smudger brush to thinly line Optimistic, Grateful and Genuine on the lower lash line
  4. Used Bold in the v-corner of eye
  5. Lightly sweep Genuine in the v-corner of eye and outer crease
  6. Lined very close to the lash line with a brown liquid liner
  7. Highlighted inner corner and brow bone with Happy

img_20170105_153714-2 LOOK 2: Smokey Burgundy

  1. Optimistic used in the crease with a crease brush
  2. Packed Inspired on the lid area with fingers until reached maximum opaqueness
  3. Packed Thoughtful on entire lid until a decent amount of sheen was noticeable
  4. Used a blending brush to bring a bit of Bold in the crease to darken it
  5. Used small smudger brush to thinly line Bold and Thoughtful on the water line
  6. Used a tapered, dense brush to swipe the crease and inner corner with Able
  7. With fingers, packed Grateful at inner corner and brow bone

img_20170105_155637-2LOOK 3: Easy on the Purple

  1. Optimistic used in the crease with a crease brush
  2. Packed Kind all over the lid
  3. Used small smudger brush to line Confident on the lower lash line
  4. Used a flat, tapered tip brush to brush Confident on outer v-corner of eye and lightly in outer crease
  5. Used Grateful to highlight inner corner and brow bone

Final Thoughts

Despite the initial swatching, most of the colours ended up being pretty easy to use with a brush, or by just packing on the colour with your finger. Although I did 3 looks, more eye looks are floating around in my head from just the palette colours alone (I can eat my words from the Shades part of this post.)

Optimistic is a great crease colour. Notice how I used it in every look?

Happy and Grateful, with a light hand, both act well on the highlight areas, and the intensity can be built.

Able went in a lot of places around the eye easily, even while gently trying to concentrate it. I still like the 2nd look I achieved with it, however it may be better as a spotlight colour for another eye look.

Confident was the most difficult colour to work with. It was hard to make the colour show up properly on the lid, with my fingers or a densely packed shadow brush. It is achievable, but it is work.

I wore the Smokey Burgundy look the other night to a friend’s birthday, and only used a bit of face primer on my lid because I couldn’t find an eye primer. I was out for majority of the evening/night and by the time I got home the shadows still held on my lid.

Overall, I think it’s a pretty sweet palette, for shade range, amount, and price. Aside from the one difficult colour, I can’t really find anything negative to say about this palette.

True to what Bubz wanted, it is positivity in a palette.

Aaaaand that’s all, folks! This is the first time I reviewed a makeup palette, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Anyone else have Bubz’ palette and love her as much as I do? Let me know and we can gush over Chubbi and Domo together.

xo, M

Palette is still being sold for $12.50 USD on Bh Cosmetics Website:


20 thoughts on “REVIEW | Be… By BubzBeauty

  1. Lol we can definitely gush about Domo and Chubbi together as I watch every single one of her vlogs. I really enjoy her positive outlook on life and watching what she’s up to. Most of all, I like that she doesn’t feel the need to vlog daily but her videos are just snapshots/videos of her life. I really respect that. After purchasing the palette, I actually haven’t even touched it yet — not a huge make-up user but I wanted to support her as well as her Pencils of Promise campaign. I’m sure I’ll get to using it someday! Lol 🙂 And great review!

    • Thank you! At first I was a bit worried that I may have just bought it because of Bubz and would never use it, but I’m glad I was able to make looks with JUST the palette colours alone!

  2. Pretty palette! I feel like I havent watched Bubz as much as I used too. Her son is too cute though. I like Able and Inspired from the palette.

    • Same here. She doesn’t make as many beauty videos like she used to and she mostly vlogs now. But I like how she doesn’t want to do a beauty video just for the sake of it. I’d say Thoughtful and Kind are going to be my go to shades 🙂

  3. I’m usually a fan of BH Cosmetics eyeshadows. They sometimes need a good primer, but the price can’t be beat. This looks like a nice mix of neutrals and purples.

  4. I love bubz too! I don’t often follow YT but she’s adorable. I actually caught her during the time she did more Canto comedy than makeup and now I usually follow her for her adorable son! Haha. But glad to hear her palette is getting positive reviews..!

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