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If you know Bubzbeauty, then you know that she’s been loving her Skin Inc. My Daily Dose Custom-Blended Serum. From following her for a few years, I know she has been using their products for a while and found them effective. I decided to splurge and purchase my own set during the Sephora VIB sale.

About Skin Inc.

Skin Inc is the world’s first Skin Supplement Bar offering customizable beauty solutions to help you create an effective and fuss-free regimen, designed for your skin. Our products feature highly concentrated, pure and active serums and innovative skincare from Japan that combine proven ingredients with the most advanced delivery systems for maximum results. Skin Inc products contain 0% added scents and parabens…


Read more in their “About Us” Section of their website.

Your skin has its unique needs be it blemishes, aging, dullness, sensitive skin, lifestyle concerns or a combination of these. The Skin Inc My Daily Dose Serum can help you target upto three individual concerns, in one powerful product designed just for you. So you get the results you want in one easy, fuss-free step.

Start by using this simple 2-3 minute skin quiz to identify the three serums best for your skin.”

My Customized Blend

Intrigued, I went on Skin Inc.’s website and took their skin quiz. It was more comprehensive than I expected but I liked it, for the 3 that I was assigned suited my needs (breakouts, super dry skin, stressful work environment).

Chlorella – brighten and tackle spots
Hyaluronic acid – long lasting hydration
Ceramide – strengthen and soothe

An empty 1oz bottle was delivered along with the mini bottles of the key ingredients so I can mix it all together and customize it myself.

Off the bat here are the problems I noticed after creating the custom blend:

  1. It doesn’t fill the whole bottle
  2. You can’t get all the product out of the small bottles – this just easily wastes the product. I’m spending $112 on a kit that I can’t even use all of the product?
  3. Majority of the serum is the clear base the capsules sit in.


I decided to still give the product a chance and test it for 3 weeks, day and night.

“Results” and Final Thoughts

Skin doesn’t feel as tight, but it hasn’t been feeling like that since I switched my moisturizer, so I can’t fully accredit the serum.

None of the post-acne red marks on my skin look dramatically different. I know it’s hard to judge it in a short time, but usually products that “brighten” at least tone down the redness around it. For my acne I haven’t been breaking out as much, but I mostly account that to other items I’ve been using (23 Years Old Loves: Zincnol & Badecasil)

Almost half the bottle is already used. Not surprised since I have been using it day and night.

I am returning this product. I really really really wanted it to work. But for $112 CAD, it is not worth the money; the bottle doesn’t even fill up all the way, you can’t use all of the product, and I don’t even know if the capsulated ingredients even do anything or if it’s just the clear base.

What is your experience with the Daily Dose Custom Blend? If you loved it, did you find it really tackled your problem, or because the price is too big, it convinced you to like it? Did I not use it long enough? Perhaps I just tried too much at once by using the customized set instead of one specific ingredient-concentrated serum…

This won’t deter me from trying out their other products (I’ve heard awesome things about their light therapy device, face mask, and peeling gel). However, as of now, I will have to take a pass on the serums.

xo, M

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