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Another year, and another collection of empties! I’m in the process of decluttering my makeup collection, and I found it also an appropriate time to dig into my empties bag. I must get everything a beauty junkie possibly can out of the way!

This empties post has quite a bit of random stuff, nonetheless hope you enjoy the post and it helps you decide on future purchases!



DHC Deep Cleansing Oil – This was quite hyped in the Asian beauty community as an amazing cleansing oil for makeup removal with a good price tag. I grabbed this small size from my first visit to Seoul. It was okay. Quite a thick cleansing oil (thicker than Shu Uemura oils), and stung my eyes like crazy. I found out much much later that this product was not supposed to be used for eye makeup removal. I liked it, but I’m definitely not going out of my way to repurchase it.

Heritage Store Rose Water – I bought this as a “hydrating mist” / a product to mix with clay powder masks. Again, it was okay. It didn’t really hydrate, just had a moment of being refreshing after first spritz. It was a whim buy, and won’t be a whim again.

Pixi Glow Tonic – One of the most hyped up toners in the beauty community! And again, it was OKAY! I personally have used higher percentages of glycolic acid on my face, so this was so tame. However I will say it is a great pick for someone starting chemical exfoliation, for it is gentle enough (you may feel light tingling) and it is one of the few toners I have come across with natural ingredients. The small bottle was around $20 USD. For my Canadian self, I’d rather spend $20 CAD on something else.

Saje Zap Rollerball Treatment – This was actually recommended to me by a sales associate from Lush when I told her Grease Lightning didn’t work for me (and funny enough after using this product I bought GL and it worked. HAH). This product was my first introduction to Saje and their essential oil roller balls. I was going through an extremely awful breakout period from getting off birth control and I went to this in hopes that it’ll help subside some painful bumps. It was great at diminishing inflammation while keeping the skin area fairly hydrated. However this item was unfortunately not enough for the breakout period I was going through. I really do recommend this product – amazing formulation to tackle spots while preventing your skin from drying up like crazy. Now that my skin is mostly under control, I may revisit this item, but there are other spot treatments I need to finish first.
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Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner (Peach) – I was obsessed with the scent of this for the first little while, then the novelty wore off pretty fast. It felt progressively synthetic, and I felt like the toner didn’t give me the same experience as the Rose Water one does. I have already repurchased (again and again) the Thayer’s Witch Hazel Toner with Rose Water.
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Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow (Rio de Rose Gold) – Loooooooove this eyeshadow. Unfortunately it had to get tossed into the empties because it dried out and I broke the applicator. However, I repurchased the full size of this shadow and am forever in love.

Sephora Color Lip Last Lipstick (Orange Rocks) – Amazing orange shade of lipstick that did not lean onto the pasty side, and looked good on me with all my crazy skin shades of the year. I made quite the use out of it in the summer, but I had to toss it because I lost the cap 🙁 I would definitely recommend this shade to those looking for an orange lipstick that is not overly neony or pasty, and want a matte finish. I haven’t repurchased it because I am trying to steer to green beauty for lip products; I find they keep my lips hydrated longer and does not irritate my lips with prolonged use.

The Face Shop Color Control Aura CC Cream (02 Natural Beige) – My friend bought this back from Seoul for me when she came to visit Toronto in the summer. It was during the big CC cream buzz all over the internet. I picked this one because it was supposed to cater to oily skin, provide good coverage, a “darker” cc cream, and not cause breakouts. It covered very well, did not contribute to breakouts, nor did it make my face over oily. However… Not only was the colour still too light, the product sank into every possible damn crevice on my face, and set powdery once my skin became drier. I was mortified when I caught a view of myself at work. Thankfully I managed to make most of this product during my oily skin days, but it’s unfortunately not a cc cream I’ll be looking back to.

Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Setting Spray (Travel Size) – Back in the oily skin days this was a gift from the heavens. My first time using a setting spray, I fell in love with it immediately. I have turned to the UD All Nighter Setting Spray now; Skin is drier, and I find it doesn’t make my skin feel tight after spraying, which the matte one did. (The Best of Beauty 2016)


Lavanilla The Healthy Deodorant (Unscented and Pure Vanilla) – So many “okay” products! These were decent deodorants, especially in the natural spectrum. However I found the deodorizing power didn’t last that long. My boyfriend used Unscented (was recommended for men on Sephora) and he finished it VERY quickly. After he finished it, he much preferred his DIY deodorant. Pure Vanilla smelled nice, however I noticed it “wore off” throughout the day, and I’d have to creep into the washroom with deodorant at hand to reapply. Pure Vanilla came in a Lavanilla deodorant trio set I purchased from Sephora. It was a great value for this brand, but I don’t think I’d repurchase.

Lush Lip Scrub (Bubblegum) – One of my very good friend’s gifted this to me for my birthday a year (or more) ago. Although it is quite a strong scent, I loved it. It does not help that this product is also edible. And actually, that is the very reason I can’t revisit this product. I found that when I licked my lips, it made my breath stanky. Sugar makes your mouth more acidic, creating an unhealthy environment in your mouth, thus stinky breath. I do like this product, it’s fun and it works, but I have to start thinking about my oral health and the poor cavities I already have.

Phew! I’m starting to feel so free with all the empties and decluttering! Out with the old, in with the new right?

Hope I helped give you an idea of how these products are!

xo, M

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