DECLUTTER #3 | Eye Need to Let Them Go!

I am on a roll! Next, this declutter post is all about eye makeup. It’s a mix of items I don’t like, barely used, or liked but dried up too fast!

Pressed shadows, potted shadows, stick shadows, liners! Hopefully this post helps you out.


Essence Eyeshadows
– They’re such beautiful colours and nicely pigmented with a bit of fallout, but alas, we must part. Why? I have shadows that look EXACTLY like these ones. These will be the only ones out of the bunch that I will give to someone, since they’re fairly new.

Face Shop Over Girl Edge Stick Eyes (PK01, PP01) – They’re such pretty colours and I wanted to like them. Unfortunately, one stroke showed clumpiness and uneven product distribution; The more I tried layering it, the worse it got. For the swatch it’s okay on a flat surface, but once it gets on any uneven surface, it’s over.

Gosh Cosmetics Long Lasting Eye Liner Pens (Carbon Black, Black Brass) – These were actually my go-to liquid liners for the longest time. Felt tip pen that was very pigmented, easy to use; if you ever rubbed your face after a long day, the liner would not smudge, it would pill and you could easily wipe it off your face. The reason I haven’t repurchased these since is because I got a hold of amazingly thin and precise liners during my visits to Asian countries, and haven’t went back since. Otherwise, I would most definitely recommend this to anyone searching for a new liquid liner!

Mac Technakohl Liner Eye Liner Kajal (Purple Dash) – Not sure if this was old or something when I got it, but I barely used it because it almost scratched my eyes off. It was so difficult to apply! And once I did, it smudged right off.

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Matte Collection (Beige-ing Beauty, Matte Brown, Pure Nude, Tough as Taupe)  and Regular (Bad to the Bronze). – You can tell I just loved these products by how untouched they look. I bought these when they came out as limited edition years ago,and I barely used any of the mattes other than occasionally the nude as a base. Bad to the Bronze was the most used out of the 5. However, the longer I had it in my collection, the clumpier it looked on my eyes. Again, I have palettes that have this colour, so it’s not a huge loss, and I prefer sticking with pressed powdered shadows now.

Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil (106 Black Bean) – I just… Don’t need it. It’s useful for a drugstore eye makeup look; say the dark eyeshadow you have is not pigmented enough, then the jumbo pencil is going to be a superstar! But as I’ve said previously, not only do I have multiple black eyeshadows in various palettes, they are just as pigmented as the pencil.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eye Liners (Nude, Brown) – The nude was only good for the waterline. That’s it. Trying to tightline, or lightly smudge near the lash line with the brown and it would disappear very quickly. The more I think about it, it’s not like the nude lasted any longer. I’m glad these were inexpensive or I’d be pretty bummed about how fail these were – not waterproof, smudged easily, never lasted!

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liners (Purple Tang, Violet) – These were great; pigmented, easy application, barely any smudging…. But they dried out so quickly! I barely had the light one for a few months until it decided to dry out on me (and yes the cap is cracked, but I have other cracked caps and nothing happens to the liner since they are covered properly). I love the colours but this is disappointing since I obviously don’t use them every day!

Almost there… Almost there! I’m proud of the progress I’m making with decluttering my makeup collection. I hope these posts encourage you to do the same!


But as they say… Out with the old, and in with the new!

xo, M

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