DECLUTTER #4 | More Face & Eyes

The final declutter (for now) after a many decluttering posts!

These are just some of the extras I picked to throw out after going through my makeup collection one more time! A few of these products were quite the rave, but I didn’t really get anything special out of them. Hope you enjoy the read!


I put WAY too much on my hand.

Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cream SPF 30 PA++
– it’s a sunscreen. I did like how it would even out my skin tone and give my face a healthy sheen, but that’s all it did, with no extra coverage. Aside from the 2 features it did plus SPF, it’s nothing really special. I’m also not a fan of whitening products so it’s probably another reason why I barely touched it.

img_20170202_183429-3Benefit Watt’s Up Illuminating Stick (mini) – I actually really enjoyed this when I got it way back when it was a Sephora birthday gift. I believe I wasn’t using it as much because I had quite congested skin, and I felt like there wasn’t really a place for me to put it other than the inner corners of my eye. Although I don’t dislike it, I won’t repurchase, just because I’ve moved onto other highighters since.

MAC Pressed Blushes (Springsheen, Stay Pretty) – LOVE Springsheen. It was the first blush I ever purchased and I think it’s calling for a repurchase once I finish up with some other blushes. I love how this can be worn alone on the cheeks and looks different depending on the lighting. I never hit pan on it even though I wore it every day for almost a year. Stay Pretty was just OK. I purchased it on a whim because I liked the colour. I immediately found out that I am not the type to wear blue-undertone type of blushes. I only wore it a few times until I forgot about it.

img_20170202_183335MAC Pigment (Naval Blue) – I wanted to like this! So many YouTubers do cool looks with Mac Pigments too. Maybe I’m just not inclined to use pigment, or maybe I find the colour to lack versatility for me. Either way, I have not touched it since I first tried using it, and now the pigment is clumping up together. Bye bye!


Make Up For Ever Smokey Extravagant Mascara
– I could not for the life of me get on board with this mascara. Everyone who got this sample size loved it and may have repurchased the full size mascara, but I never liked it. My lashes always looked clumped together and I am not a fan of this type of wand.

Maybelline Defense-A-Lash Waterproof Mascara – This did the job. It lengthened my lashes while providing a waterproof finish, perfect for beach or pool days! What I REALLY don’t like about it – my lashes felt heavy and would be irritated by the end of the day. The irritation was really prominent on the bottom lashes too.

img_20170202_183622-2Physician’s Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Tinted Moisturizer (Light to Natural) – I don’t want to knock this product; it is a thin consistency with decent coverage, and matched my skin tone pretty well. But HOLY MOLY THE SMELL. My eyes were watering and  my nose hated me because the fragrance is unbelievably potent in this product. It’s not even a synthetic smell, it is a very strong essential-oil type smell. I cannot keep this. I just put it on to see if I could sway my opinion but it still stands and I still smell it on my face.


And that is THAT for the decluttering! Looking at my current makeup collection, I feel like I made a pretty good dent in it! I got rid of all the old and untouched…

I really hope this inspires you to do the same! I’m trying to be more minimal, or more “finish a product before you buy another one” type of gal. It’s just so hard. However, I’m finding more success in makeup than in skincare…

Anywho, hope you enjoyed, and be sure to check out my other decluttering posts for some clean up inspiration!

xo, M


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