January & February Favourites 2017

Here are some products and items that stood out to me the past couple of months. Most of them I have used consistently since purchase, so it is only appropriate that I dedicate a blog post to them!


Acure Aromatherapeutic Moroccan Argan Oil (Rose)*
I have an unhealthy obsession with this! It smells so. Damn. Good. One pump is enough to cover my entire face, and sometimes I mix it in with whatever base makeup I decide to wear. It leaves my skin soft, smooth and healthy. (Will be doing a review of the Acure products I received from my previous post [UNBOXING] Natural, Eco-Friendly Goodies)

Acure Quick Fix Correcting Balm (Argan Oil + Starrflower)

I have been using this day and night around my eye area, the corners of my nose and smile area, and on the liiiiiight dehydration line on my forehead. It’s been keeping my eyes nicely hydrated and moisturized, and the tight, dry skin around my nose has become bearable. The forehead is the only place I stopped using it because a pimple sprouted there from it, otherwise it has been doing the job of adding extra moisture to needed areas and “fixing” problems!

Charmzone Control Cream Self-Massage
I also have an unhealthy obsession with this product. It removes dead skin cells, clears the gunk in my skin, and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. It is unbelievably gentle and my skin always looks good after using it. (Will be doing a full review and demo)

Boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment
I bought this just for fun after watching YouTuber Gothamista’s review on cleansing sticks. Iv’e been using it on and off, and consistently on a week vacation, and it actually turned out to be pretty effective! I noticed the size of my pores minimized significantly after one use, it never made my skin feel tight, and my breakouts were never inflamed. The one thing is it “melts” a bit fast so make sure to be quick with the stick and set it aside upright! (Of course I shall review)

Supergoop Barre to Bar Beauty Set – I bought this for my week vacation down to Cuba and it proved to be a lovely set. The City Serum is light and hydrating, the CC cream matched my skin tone well, and the lip/cheek treat was a nice colour that blended into the skin and lips easily without looking patchy. The only one I’m on the fence about is the mist, because of it’s heavy smell of alcohol, and I haven’t used it enough to know if the SPF is effective. (Full review will be posted after this!)


Kevyn Aucoin the Contour Duo on the Go (Sculpting Powder: Medium, Celestial Powder: Candelight)
I love the contour colour, not so much the highlight. The contour colour is very easy to work with and it never made me question if my face looked muddy. I wanted to like the highlight, but I found it too chalky looking and an unflattering on my skin; like a lit-from-within frosty colour. All in all it is a good size, a little goes a long way, and I can put up with the highlight.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil (Ash Brown)

Cheaper than ABH Brow Wiz, It is a nice fine tip retractable brow pencil that is a perfect match for my eyebrow colour. Very easy to use and the colour isn’t too harsh when applied. (Full review and demo soon to come)

Sappho CC Cream (Light)

After attending the launch party of their new line at the Detox Market Toronto, I absolutely had to try the Sappho CC cream. At first I was leaning towards Fair because it surprisingly matched my face at the time, however I opted for Light because it’s a better match with the rest of my body, and it’s actually not a noticeable difference in colour once applied. It gives my skin a nice airbrush finish and has decent coverage for a cc cream. My one “ish” is that it is quite matte, so I have to make sure I’m nicely moisturized, or this is mixed with an oil. ([MAKEUP TUTORIAL] Fresh + Kissable Daytime Valentine’s Day Look)


Christophe Robin Shade Variation Care Nutritive Mask with Temporary Hair Coloring (Baby Blond)

This is the first hair mask I have purchased and haven’t returned. A decent, but not a whole lot of product is needed and it washes out easily. My hair is left feeling very soft and lightweight, and the blond in my hair doesn’t look brassy.


Radius Tour Travel Toothbrush (Soft)*

This product is also from the box of green goodies I received, this toothbrush is quite handy. It is very small and compact, and the brush bristles soft and can reach the back teeth. It was a very handy tool for vacation and very convenient to throw into your purse/bag if you’re going to have a long day!

Uniqlo Ultra Light Compact Down Jacket (Off White)

This has been the handiest of handy travelling products I’ve ever owned. It’s light and compact, fits me well, and does a great job from preventing  the cold winter wind getting to me. I wore this to the airport and on the plane to/from Cuba, and it was easy to stow away. My boyfriend wore his full peacoat, so he was definitely jealous.

DISCLAIMER: Products with an asterisk * have been sent to me to review. Thoughts and opinions in this post are all my own, and I was not paid to write it. None of the links for each product are even affiliate links! They just go to the first link I found that describes the product in better detail. I am very thankful to have the opportunity to test out products, and hope to receive more in the future.

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  1. […] This oil smells so damn good. I’m not one that’s too finnicky about packaging, but I find myself appreciating that this is a pump bottle rather than a dropper. I’ve never been a fan of argan oil, but this one is exceptional. Aside from its extremely pleasant scent, it made my skin extremely smooth in texture, brighter, and actually well moisturized. Will always repurchase this product, I just don’t want the good times to end. January &February Favourites 2017 […]

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