[FIRST IMPRESSIONS] Erborian Liquid BB Creme au Ginseng Makeup-Care Cushion Compact Baby Skin Effect (Phew)

I have been wanting to try cushions for a while ever since they’ve been introduced in beauty world. As I was shopping Sephora online during the VIB sale, I perused the KBeauty portion. Intrigued by Erborian’s entire line, I decided to pick up the cushion they carried! And since I didn’t know my colour, it is fortunate enough for this FI that I bought the only 2 colours: Clair and D’Ore.



Held in a soft cushion, Liquid BB Crème helps to enhance the complexion and immediately moisturize your skin. Enriched with ginseng, known in Korea for its smoothing properties, the formula provides sheer coverage and helps to

1. Even out skin tone
2. Conceal the appearance of flaws
3. Soften the visible signs of aging
4. Provide a feeling of freshness and instant moisture.
5. Give baby skin effect


Easily portable, LIQUID BB CREME allows for adjustable coverage, so it can be used for touch-ups throughout the day.

Simply press the cushion gently with the sponge to release LIQUID BB CREME, then pat on or smooth over the face.


Although cushions tend to be bulky, this one keeps a sleek design and fits well in my fairly small hand. (The colour of the packaging is more accurate from the right picture, it wouldn’t show when holding it face up). The cushion is covered with a white plastic cap, and the mirror is quite big (however I couldn’t figure out how to take the protective sticker off).


The bummer about this cushion though is what you get for the price of $58 CAD: 0.49 oz with NO refill. Majority of brands that sell cushions come with one, even higher lux brands.

I’m not even sure how to properly judge a puff, but from my FI they were comfy to hold, were able to pick up the product evenly, and felt REALLY nice on my face. This tool is definitely the key to getting most out of any cushion;  it’ll assure the product is properly distributed and pressed onto the skin to provide as much coverage possible with a natural finish. It’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine when I see cushion reviews SANS puff. The puff is what makes the cushion! A beauty sponge and/or brush just can’t show off the actual quality of it.

WEAR AND TEAR (or finish…)

I opted for Clair instead of D’ore after swatching, because, well D’Ore was pretty damn dark. My skin tone is light/medium with yellow undertones, and in the KBeauty industry I was thinking that the darkest colour would be my skin tone (lol). Both seemed fairly neutral on the swatch, so I was in hopes it may oxidize to my skin tone properly.

I wore the cushion for a short period of time (like 4 hours short) but it was enough to form a full opinion on the cushion.

Now, let’s see if the claims are true, and add in some extra stuff I noticed.


1. Even out skin tone – Right away after the first layer.
2. Conceal the appearance of flaws – Again, right away; the first layer looked great, 2nd even better! The redness around my breakouts really diminished, but it wasn’t fully covered; My pores were very smoothed out, like an airbrush effect happened.
3. Soften the visible signs of aging – The only “visible” thing I have is a dehydration line on my forehead, and I didn’t even notice it after applying this!
4. Provide a feeling of freshness and instant moisture – Meh; Seemed like an ordinary application to me; “Instant” moisture, a tad… Continuing? No. My face felt dry at the end of this FI.
5. Give baby skin effect – In certain lighting my skin looked AWESOME; very smooth and soft looking; Even the powdered blush I applied looked one with my skin; In other lighting though, I could tell my face was wearing makeup because of the powdery finish.


– I know Koreans like pure, milky-looking skin, but damn this is too light for me.
– I need more yellow! This neutral undertone dulls out my skin tone too much; If the yellow was there it would be less obvious with how it cuts of from my neck.
– The powdery finish made my dry and dehydrated skin feel more uncomfortable; It didn’t feel like that at all the first hour, but I noticed the tight feeling progress throughout the day.
– The powdery finish + my skin type made me feel cakey at times; I felt like any movement on my face was more visible.
– Although my face felt dry, and it went to a powdery finish, it still left that nice healthy glow; I can see why this product is listed for all skin types including oily.
– The makeup never broke down or made me look melty; I was out in the sun for a few hours and it held up well!

I wanted to love this product and hold it dear to my heart. The finish for the most part is bee-you-tea-ful and it’s definitely something I admired the most. However the price, amount, undertone, are too big of cons for me to keep this. I shall be returning both.

Anyone recommend me a brand with cushions that have light/medium with yellow undertone in their line? I’d love to hear about it.

xo, M

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDBO2IFmVY4]

Purchased online Sephora Canada

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