FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Weleda Mighty Essentials Kit

I’ve been a big fan of Weleda Skin Food for a long time, and have always wanted to try more of their products, I just didn’t know where to start! Thankfully I got this complimentary Mighty Essentials Kit sent to me to try out – well – the essentials! Read on for my first impressions of the new Weleda items I’m trying, and if I’d be interested in purchasing the full size.

Just as a quick reference to my skin type and history, so you feel more comfortable about my thoughts:
Acne prone, dehydrated and dry skin for past 2 years.
Before, I had many years of being the most oily skinned gal around.
Body has been fairly clear but chest and back usually break out or get congested; legs super dry.

Teeth: sensitive; icy water is rough.

Skin Food

Ah – MAZING stuff! A little goes a long way, it nourishes any dry area immediately, and I was able to use this on my face without worrying about congestion. For oily skinned peeps I’d stick to night time use of this one if you want to put it on your face. I have a bigger tube of this one and it’s been a blessing for my chapped hands during the cold months. This will always be a repurchase for me, but the small size is quite convenient for travelling! Be Chill, Warm & Moisturized

Almond Soothing Facial Lotion

This was SO lovely to use. A little less than a pea-size was able to cover my face, it moisturized pretty well, and did not aggravate my current acne. I do need something a little extra than just this moisturizer alone to relieve dryness, but I still think it’s a great go-to moisturizer for any skin type because of how simple it is.

 This oil disappears FAST. I actually didn’t have that much time to rub it in my skin, so you definitely need to be liberal with it. The smell isn’t too strong, but not my jam – it’s a very woodsy, cooking herbal type smell (As you can probably tell, describing scents is not my forte). My hands felt very soft after using it, but with the size, this travel massage oil will only be convenient for specific areas of concern. I may revisit other scents because I like this formulation, but I personally just don’t have use for this type of product.


Much yes to this one. Although the taste is not so great, it does an excellent job at alkalizing my mouth and relieving the dryness. My teeth feel very clean and there is no unpleasant aftertaste. I usually stick to fluoride toothpaste since fluoride helps to create stronger enamel, but I wouldn’t mind picking up a full size of the salt toothpaste to try a more natural alternative. As I previously mentioned, I have sensitive teeth, and quite the amount of cavities. My goal is to reverse my cavities naturally, and not have to go to the dentist for fillers. Let’s see how that plays out!

Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash

I am not by any means a huge body wash person, but this one is quite acceptable. It’s very light and creamy, and has a pleasant citrus scent to it. Even the thinnest layer has a lot of slip and moisture to it (looking up on it, this one is specifically for parched, dry skin). Post shower, it leaves the most subtle scent on the skin, and it’s far from overwhelming. Because I used it sparingly due to its size, my skin didn’t feel that much more moisturized.  After using it once, already 1/3rd of the bottle is used. I may need to use a body wash tool that will create more lather. I personally like that in a body wash and would consider buying the full size, but I actually have a full size of the Evening Primrose to try out!

Truthfully, I was a bit concerned about the sizes of these products, for I was sure to run out of it within a couple of uses. It was a very pleasant surprised that I was/am able to get multiple uses out of them (Definitely meant for 1 person though). Given the amount I need for each use, guaranteed these can last a week.

I hope my first impressions was informative enough for those wanting to try out the travel sizes and had the same worries as me!

xo, M

P.S. Thank you MSQUAREBRANDS! Definitely an excellent item to get for my lifestyle!


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