REVIEW: Chosungah 22 Bounce Up Pact Ultra SPF 50 PA+++ 02 Sand Beige

Based on a friend’s recommendation and increasing curiosity exploring Sephora’s K-Beauty section filled with brands I never heard of, I picked up the Chosungah 22 Bounce Up Pact Ultra SPF 50 PA+++(colour 02 Sand Beige). While I didn’t find this on the Sephora US or CA website, I was lucky enough to get it in person while browsing Lotte El Cube in the Ewha Women’s University area while on vacation in Seoul.

Now what’s intriguing about this product is that it is a puddy-like complexion product that is a cream to powder formula. Yep, like puddy!

While reading up some reviews, it’s surprising that there are quite the number of people who do not like it! Some due to the colour, the finish, and even the packaging. When it comes to base products, I am super analytical, so hopefully my review is thorough and well thought out for you readers!







0.38ml of product in a round, sturdy plastic compact. I was fortunate enough to get a refill and an extra puff! so the 36,000 won (from what I remember for the price) seemed worth it.

The mirror is also a pretty decent size if you need to touch-up throughout the day. Although it’s quite a thick compact from what powdered pacts usually are, it’s still sleekish in design and can slip in whatever bag easily.

The puff is quite different from others I’ve seen; the texture feels almost plastic like. From other reviews, this is a particular puff that best applies the puddy-like product.


At first I wasn’t even sure if I picked up enough product, but once I applied it to the center of my face, AKA the reddest part, the colour evened out very quickly, and there wasn’t a need to blend the product. No streaks or uneveness of product distribution showed up while applying so I’m impressed at how well it sits on the skin from the get-go.


Now like most K-Beauty complexion products, I’m having a hard time with this one. For me, my face, neck and body are all different colours. I applied this product on all possible skin tones, and it oxidized to the colour. Because my face is so light, and this product brightens your skin tone, I feel like I see quite the contrast. I’ve asked my boyfriend if he sees anything ashy or off about my face colour to my neck, and he’s actually the one to point out my skin just looks brighter. I’m currently testing out the Chemistry Brand Glow Oil (a self-tanner) on my face so we’ll see how well the pact oxidizes to my face colour when I get more of a darker hue going on.



Beautiful. It is impressive what one simple pat on the face does! My skin looks very even tone and bright. I would say it is medium coverage at best; My enlarged pores are definitely less noticeable, and my hyper-pigmentation marks are almost covered. I like how this pact feels light on my skin and the finish makes it feel very soft. It has a satin, slightly dewy finish that gives you healthy-looking skin, rather than powdery, matte skin. It looks very natural on.



It lasts pretty well throughout the day without any primer.  It is very easy to touch up your face if more coverage is needed in certain areas without compromising the makeup look. Not sure if it’s due to my dry skin, but I don’t find this pact gets any dewier from it’s original finish. Because of this, there’s not makeup melting look and the product doesn’t look cakey. I’m surprised this has not clung to any dry patches, or my face must be nicely exfoliated and moisturized.

As for using it with cream or powdered products, powdered is definitely preferred when applying additional products on top. Cream products will get a little patchy, so applying them before the pact will workout better.


I REALLY like this product. It is such a good go-to product to do a quick full-face coverage without it looking cakey or melting off while out. It blends into the skin easily and doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup, it just gives my skin a nice natural and bright look. I’ve been using this everyday at work and it really trims down my makeup routine.

Hope you found this review helpful! It’s always very difficult to find the right colour match in the K-beauty world. Hopefully applying this pact on my face and neck gives you an idea for your skin tone!

xo, M

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