REVIEW: Consonant “One For All” Kit

In light of Canada’s 150th birthday, I decided to browse Sephora with a 10% discount at hand for any limited edition products roaming about the website. Consonant is a brand that has been occasionally recommended to me by friends as a great Canadian, natural skincare brand. I love supporting Canadian products, and I love natural, so I decided to pick up Consonant’s limited edition One For All Kit.

Before reading up on this kit, I must point out that my skin has been around the block. And I mean, I went from oily af to chapped skin in a matter of a couple of years. If you are any skin type, my skin has probably been in your category at one point. Hopefully I provide enough info to cover concerns for all skin concerns, but for right now, mine are acne-prone and dry.

“Canada. A land of abundant opportunity and access for all. Taking inspiration from that ethos, this skin care kit will help everyone achieve their best skin wherever their travels may take them.”

This kit was being sold for $33 CAD for a $75 CAD value. It contains 4 best seller products that will last for 30 days and work for any skin type (oily, combo, normal, dry):

IMG_2665 (2)
50ml Natural Foaming Face Wash ($12)
30ml Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream ($36)
30ml DHE Mask ($18)
1 pack of Come Clean Cloths (10 cloths) ($9)

For $33 this is a hefty amount of product for gym & travel sizes, so definitely a thumbs up from me more than anything. But come on, for a kit that is supposed to be 30 days worth, why only 10 Clean Cloths?

Natural Foaming Face Wash: Our #1 Best Seller! A gentle yet effective cleanser packed with nourishing botanicals like Tea Tree Oil and Grape Seed Oil to help hydrate, eliminate uneven skin tone and fight blemishes.

IMG_2657 (2)

This is quite a full bottle. Usually with foaming cleansers they are as light as they can get, but this one seems to have a substantial amount of product in it. I haven’t used a foaming cleanser in years, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from this product. 3 pumps were enough to cover my face comfortably, and I really enjoyed the feeling of refreshment from using it. The foam endured a good couple of minutes while I lightly massaged my face, and it didn’t irritate my eye area. After drying my skin, my face does indeed look more even and any pain from blemishes feel slightly subsided. Unfortunately, this refreshing feeling leaves my skin squeaky clean. There is no feeling of hydration from this cleanser whatsoever, and even though on the website it says I don’t need to follow up with a toner, I most definitely follow up with one. It may be their best seller, but it’s a big pass for me; I probably would have loved it more if I were still an oily gal!


DHE Mask: A triple action mask formulated to Detoxify, Hydrate and Exfoliate.

IMG_2658 (2)
I cannot describe my utter amazement and love for this product. It beats my Innisfree Super Pore Volcanic Clay Mask back into the ashes. It is a creamy clay mask, and a thin layer is really all you need to see and feel a difference. There’s an immediate tingling sensation from this product, and I can see my face plumping up slightly. After using the mask my skin feels very smooth, looks very healthy, and if used as a spot treatment overnight, my breakouts diminish. I need to finish my other mask so I can dedicate my full love to this one!


Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream: Lightweight, persistent hydration for day and night.

IMG_2662 (2)

do like that this product feels very moisturizing although it is lightweight. Definitely not something I expect from this type of moisturizer anymore! Although it moisturizes my perpetually chapped skin, I absolutely despise the matte finish. Who’da thunk this once oily skinned gal, afraid of dewy finishes and in a constant ready-state of frying an egg on forehead, hates a matte finish. I know Consonant carries a cream for dry skin, so that one may be more up my alley. This one was a good pick for “all” skin types, but the matte finish for me is just a no bueno!

Come Clean Bamboo Cleansing Cloths:  A 10 pack for easy cleansing when you’re on the go.

IMG_2663 (2)

I have to say it – SO much better than the Kaia Naturals ones. These are also made of bamboo cloths, and are way more substantial with ingredients. I found the Kaia ones dried out pretty fast, whereas these ones keep in tact, and leave the skin feeling more hydrated. My one problem is, this pack is 10/$9, and Kaia’s are 30/~$13-15. I personally don’t use makeup wipes a whole lot unless I go on vacation. In which case, I’d probably opt for the Consonant Come Clean ones when the occasion arises again; I’ll actually use all the cloths as opposed to letting them sit in a bin and drying out like I did with the Kaia ones. First Impressions: Kaia Naturals Juicy Bamboo Natural Facial Cleansing Cloths

IMG_2655 (2)

I have to say, for $33 and for my first time trying Consonant skincare, I’m pretty happy with what I received. Although the cleanser and moisturizer are not my favourites, they’re definitely workable until I use them up, especially since I use a hydrating toner, serum and sometimes essence in my skincare. I’d most definitely repurchase the DHE Mask in the full size, and the Come Clean cloths for my next vacation. I may just add their Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin to that purchase as well!

Anything you recommend from Consonant? Let me know in the comments!

xo, M

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