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My mother was gifted the Foreo Espada Acne-Clearing Blue Light Pen from a friend. In return, she was kind enough to let me use it, since I am the most (acne) problem child out of the bunch. I am familiar with Colour Light Therapy and have tried Red light myself. Blue light however is supposed to be more up the alley of acne-related issues!

While writing this post, I took the time to really understand how Colour Light Therapy works. I try to sum it up my findings to share with you. So please read the disclaimer before reading the full post.


DISCLAIMER: This information I am about to provide is based on my own research. I am not an esthetician, and I’m not formally disciplined in the arts of ancient medicine or anything like that. I’m just a person extremely passionate about skincare and am always willing to learn more.

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Colour Therapy has been used since ancient times – Atlantians, Egyptians, Indians, Chinese, Romans, Greeks! You can detect Colour Therapy not only in traditional medicine, but in building structures as well. From minerals and herbs, to gemstones, crystal interlocked domed roofs in religious structures! Colour Therapy clearly has their variations and purpose in different cultures. All aimed towards healing inside and out, physically or emotionally. Although this practice seems rudimentary, it still holds a purpose in today’s modern world after thousands of years of trial and error.

Colour Light Therapy is something my boyfriend and I already do. I must admit, I never fully understood it. He has these big red lamps in his room that he sits under for 5 minutes about 3 times a week. It definitely peaked my interest, because his skin is very healthy. From what I’ve been told, Red Light Therapy helps stimulate and activate skin cells, and promote blood circulation. This helps heal surface problems like wrinkles, wounds and scars. Depending on the size of the jewel, it can penetrate further to help with muscles, joints and bones! So basically, the bigger the jewel, the stronger the healing power emitted.

In random relation, I have watched videos online of people talking about their belief in the healing power of crystals and its effect on their spiritual energy (eg. Rose Quartz lamps). While I’m not completely gung-ho about them healing all aspects of my life, I DO believe there is something to be said about the energy they emit. But more on an actual scientific level in discussion about it’s magnetic properties. We can get into a discussion on biomagnetic fields in the human body and of all things on mother earth, but let’s just stick to colour light therapy for skin!


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+Light is defined as radiant energy, or scientifically as ‘electromagnetic radiation’, visible being between 400nm to 700nm.

+BLUE LIGHT in relation to light therapy comforts and soothes skin, and has anti-sensitive functions.
It has a very short wavelength, and so produces a higher amount of energy.
The wavelength is between approximately 380nm and 500nm; making it one of the shortest, highest-energy wavelengths.

+LED (Light Emitting Diode) LIGHTS produce non-coherent, monochromatic, and divergent light. AKA, the light will move in different directions, and it is one colour. It’s effective in generating a response within living tissues, and if used properly, has a therapeutic effect.

+INTENSE PULSED LIGHT (IPL) systems uses flashes of light to cause heat changes in dermal tissues without creating or exacerbating the problems of the epidermal layers of the skin. IPL sytems usually work in a broad length spectrum of 400-1200nm.

+Light Therapy is a minimally invasive, non-surgical way to treat the skin of various concerns. It’s easy to use with low risk. Light Therapy may work quickly, or be more time consuming, depending on the skin concern (eg. acne versus deep-set wrinkles).


  • 415nm blue LED  light
  • T-sonic pulsations
  • Soft silicone as a gentle surface and to prevent bacteria from spreading
  • Laser focus cross-hairs to help concentrate on the problem to help ensure the silicone surface is flush with the skin and contains the effected area.
  • Every 30 seconds, the device will pause its pulsations and flash brightly to indicate the end of the blemish treatment.
  • The device will not switch off unless it does not make contact with skin for 3 minutes.

“Blue light acne therapy works by firing LED light energy into pores to attack acne-causing bacteria — known as P. acnes — where it lives. ESPADA’s unique T-Sonic™ pulsations propel blue light wavelengths deeper, for an amplified effect. This noninvasive acne treatment is FDA-approved, pain-free and mess-free.”

CLAIMS (from Sephora):

  • Rapidly and gently clears acne blemishes.
  • Helps prevent future breakouts.
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Regulates sebum production on targeted facial areas.
  • Leaves the skin clear, purified, healthy and smooth.

Click here –> FOREO ESPADA <– to learn more about this product.


I used this Tuesday July 25th morning, after “work” so to speak, and night. Sometimes I would use it multiple times on the cyst on my cheek and nose. Here are my  results 1 week later:

  • 1ST use I noticed the pain I was feeling with a couple of cysts on my face subsided, but the pimples by no means disappeared completely.
  • Few days later: very swollen cyst on my cheek subsided, pimples on chin are non-existent. One on cheek is completely gone.
  • The pain I was feeling on my nostril is completely gone, and there’s no redness.
  • My perpetually inflamed chin has subsided a lot in redness and raised bumps. The colour around the pimple was flesh colour, and it turned it into a “poppable” zit.


  • Battery lasted less than a week on a full charge. I probably use it on 5 spots a few times a day, 2-3 times per pimple. It’s supposed to last up to 240 uses, and it died after ~100 uses.
  • Sometimes it doesn’t register right away that it’s flush to the skin. It has happened on more than one occasion, and I had to “reset” it so to speak by putting it on my arm.
  • The area you apply it to leave a red mark, but goes away rather quickly (on my skin anyways).


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I was a bit skeptical about this product, for I felt that such a small light would not be enough. However, after researching what the specs actually entail, the Foreo Espada does indeed work. Even after one use, it helped diminish the pain I felt in some of the blemishes, and diffused the redness. It is very light and portable, and takes up minimal space when travelling with it. I’d say you can even take this to work with you if you find you have a swollen blemish while at work.

If I ONLY had a handful of blemishes as my concern, this is a device worth investing in for sure.


I have blemishes, scars, hyper-pigmentation, and the oncomings of fine lines. This one device will not tackle all those problems, and frankly, I’d rather invest in a device that will (eg. I’ve personally been eyeing the Skin Inc. Optimizer Voyage Trilight, but unfortunately it’s not available in Canada ;_;).

Also, if you suffer from severe cystic acne, this will not be enough. You will spend way too much time and power than necessary tackling all the cysts on your face. You may as well invest in a blue light therapy session instead of this tiny device, or even just a potent topical treatment to do the trick.

Does it meat the CLAIMS?

  • Rapidly and gently clears acne blemishes – If by rapidly you mean,
    use on a zit 3x in one sitting 3x a day, sure.
  • Helps prevent future breakouts – ???? If in a specific area, maybe,
    but the light should be a bit bigger to make prevention more effective, I would think.
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation – Yes, after 1 use it is noticeable.
  • Regulates sebum production on targeted facial areas – Erhm, again,
    if the light was bigger, sure. But I wouldn’t pay so much attention to my sebum production in one area.
  • Leaves the skin clear, purified, healthy and smooth – Again, after 3x use in one sitting 3x a day, sure.

My advice if you’re interest in this device:

  • Know your skin – do not overuse because there is a bit of heat coming from it, so definitely do a patch test if your skin is super sensitive.
  • Use it properly – you need a dry surface to remove the slip, and make sure it stays flush for those 30 seconds.
  • Use it consistently – it’s by no means a one hit wonder on a pimple, but I definitely noticed a difference after a few uses.
  • Do NOT invest in this if you’re looking for it to fix anything else other than a pimple, or you have severe acne. It will depress you when you realize you have spent money on a device that a) doesn’t fix your problem b) how time consuming it will be when you could’ve just used a topical treatment that takes a less amount of time and is less money.
  • You have the patience of an eternal goddess

I hope this review helped you out! Let me know in the comments below if you have something to add to the information on Colour Light Therapy, or even better, you’ve come across an LED light therapy device with multi-purpose skin treatments that’s available in Canada. I’d REALLY like to know!

xo, M

The Foreo Espada can be purchased for $199 CAD at:

Foreo Main Website

These are affiliate links. If you use the link to make a purchase, I earn a small commission. Thank you if you decide to use them!

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