REVIEW: Charmzone Control Cream Self Massage

I’m just gonna say it right now: this is a magical product. If I wasn’t fascinated by the Face Shop Papaya Peeling gel (First Impressions from a Peeling Gel Skeptic | FT. The Face Shop Mild Papaya Peeling), I’m just blown outta the water by the Charmzone Control Cream Self Massage!

I’m pretty stubborn when it comes to sales clerks giving me recommendations. ESPECIALLY when I don’t ask for help. However, I was convinced to try this product because the cheap Italy Towel I have been using to scrub my face away was making me look… worn. I opted for the advice of the nice Korean lady in charge of the beauty booth at the P.A.T. Market and got a way gentler exfoliant to try (after trying samples).


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What makes the Control Cream (Self Massage) great is how multi-purpose it is: promotes facial massage (something we fail to do to promote good skin health is providing proper circulation to the face!), balances moisture and oil, removes dead skin cells with good ingredients, and cleans out the crap in pores!



The first thing you need to do to get clear and bright skin every woman dreams of is to make ‘healthy ground for skin‘.

Charmzone’s steady-selling Control Cream is a massage product that enables easy home-care. This product makes your skin healthy, helps the absorbability of skin-care products, and maximizes the make-up effect.”

  1. Massage: Through smooth rolling and massaging, Charmzone Control Cream helps skin’ circulation and makes skin healthier.
  2. Balance between moisture and oil: The moisturizing factor and components that constitute skin’s ground combine together to maintain the balance between moisture and oil.
  3. Hypoallergenic removal of dead skin cells: …removes old dead skin cells and turns dry and dull skin into smooth and silky skin.
  4. Pore cleansing: …thoroughly removes wastes in pores such as yellow dust, fine dust.


Charmzone advertises 2 special components for their Control Cream (Self Massage), and I must reiterate it because I find it very accurate to what the product does.

Purifying Complex to Help Deep Cleansing: 
This PC (moringa seeds, gluconate, broccoli, sprout extracts) removes skin-damaging elements and improves the skin’s defense system while gently melting away inter-pore skin waste, turning your skin clean and healthy.

Vitalizing and moisturizing components:
Vitamin P from tangerines adds vitality by improving circulation to a tired skin, as well as helping absorption of moisturizers. Elm Bark extracts, Charmzone’s patented intensive moisturizer, as well as Natural Moisturizing Factors, keep the skin hydrated and healthy by recharging moisture.

The description and list of ingredients definitely left much to my imagination, but the only way to see if these components worked is by trying the item out!




WARNING: This product contains mineral oil. This is a bit of a controversial ingredient to some. I won’t get into the whole nitty gritty of it, but basically primary concerns for the acne prone is that it will clog pores further. Not to get super anecdotal, but I inquired about mineral oil as one of the top ingredients in a cleanser I purchased a few years ago from a Korean brand called BRTC when I had awful acne. The support staff replied that it acts as a protective barrier to keep dirt out of the pores and provide moisture.

Upon my own research way back when, I also learned that the molecular size of mineral oil is too big to even penetrate the skin! So it just sits on top of our epidermis.

For me, personally, I have never had a problem with mineral oil. I have only had good results from using products with it and it will not sway me from buying a different product.


You. Must. Use. This. Properly. This product is COMPLETELY different from the standard peeling gels. It does not instantly show pilled product on the skin once you start massaging. You must be patient, and enjoy the process! It’ll feel like a mini pamper session.


  1. Dry your face after wash.
  2. Apply a coin-sized amount of the Control Cream to your face.
  3. Wait 2-3 minutes.
  4. Check for moistures: As ingredients of the Control Cream emit waste matter inside the pores, the moisture is emitted.
  5. Perform a light massage on your face for 1 minute.
  6. Remove wastes: Check to see wastes inside the pores and dead skin cells being removed.


The lady who recommended this to me at the local Korean market told me to leave it on for 5 minutes instead. She also said for the first time I use it, to use it everyday for a week, then just once a week. I did just that and found nothing but benefits from her recommendation, and I still continue to use this product as she suggests. I just take a nickel-quarter size, enough to evenly cover my face with the cream.

IMG_20170725_153633 (1)

I have used this product before and after a shower, and it works effectively however I choose to incorporate it in my routine. I almost always feel a nice/weird tingly sensation on my skin. It is best described as little bubbles popping on your skin! It’s that kind of tickled, tingly feeling. As the minutes pass you will see the “moistures;” a VERY moisturized layer will appear on your skin, and this is the time to massage away! Now you can massage for just 1 minute, but I personally massage until there’s nothing left coming off my skin. As aggressive as that sounds, it’s not. The product gives more than enough slip on the skin, and I massage super gently, I don’t dig into my skin.


*Inserts screams here*

I. Know.

I was FLOORED when I saw it. That much crap existed on my skin! What I really adore about this product is that the product itself does not pill up; it just makes sure that the gunk and dead skin do (I always found that product pilling part of peeling gels such a damn gimmick, even though they do work).

Aside from that hot mess, my face looks and feels baby smooth after each use. The product’s Special Complexes are really working hard for my skin!

As I write this, it is August. I have been using this product consistently since January. My most troublesome area, my jawline, used to be lined with breakouts, whiteheads, blackheads. It is now free from congested skin, and I only get breakouts on my chin from the monthly hormonal changes. To top it off, this product has never made my skin feel sensitive or strip away my skin. It really only acted on what was necessary. (sorry I didn’t bother to keep track of this product because I didn’t think it would actually help my breakouts.)



Love. Love love love. I recommend this product to all! I purchased it at the P.A.T. Market for $35-40 (I can’t remember), but you can ask the sales clerk for a sample before you commit.

Like I previously mentioned, I have been using the product since January, and I think I’m only through half the bottle.

The one thing I could say that *bothers* me is that I can’t understand how this works so differently from other peeling gels. Please, if you’re reading this and you know, leave me a comment!

Remember: Use it properly! It will work!

I hope you found this review helpful!

xo, M

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