REVIEW: Pixi x Weylie Hoang Dimensional Eye Creator Kit

Back in the good old oily-skinned acne days, I stumbled upon Weylie’s channel when trying to find a skincare routine and makeup that worked for my skin type. I’ve enjoyed watching her since, and even though I don’t have the same skin-type as hers today, I still like her content and watch her videos.

Naturally being a longtime fan of Weylie, I was excited when I saw Weylie release her collab product with Pixi actually available at Shoppers Drugmart. I couldn’t resist, and I picked up one for me and my sister.


The palette is $28 CAD ($20 USD) and comes with an Eyeshadow Palette and Dual Ended Liner.

“Highlight and define for the ultimate dimensional eyes. Pigmented, blendable eye shades in a portable palette curated by Weylie are teamed up with a 2-in-1 black kohl pencil and liquid eyeliner duo to make this kit the perfect everyday eye essential.”

I’ve been playing with the products a handful of times and am ready to share my thoughts!

Just a note that this is my first time trying a makeup product by Pixi Beauty, and I won’t be able to compare it to her other eyeshadows, since Weylie did say she got to pick out the formulation.

Eyeshadow Palette

From Top Left to Bottom Right of Palette: Itty Bitty, Gurl! Potato, Sista, Bomb, Beautis; Top to bottom of swatches: Itty Bitty, Gurl! Potato, Sista, Bomb, Beautis

*Comparing palettes to Urban Decay ones are easiest for me since they are my main go to palettes and a good referral for most people*

2.3g per shadow (6 shades total); UD palettes have 1.41g per shade (12 shades total).

Definitely not a bad amount of product for this palette. Keep in mind though that UD palettes have high pigmentation and are very buttery, so little is needed when you use them.


Packaging is a simple plastic container with Pixi’s standard colour. Names of shadows do not directly correlate opposite of the shadow, but of how it is actually laid out in the palette. I’m personally not a fan of this type of name layout, otherwise it’s not a big deal.

I wouldn’t call the shadows in this palette buttery (in comparison to UD shadows), but they are by no means chalky. I am very impressed at how well my makeup brushes pick up the product, and how pigmented they are. There is a tad bit of fallout if you rub your brush or finger in too much, so there’s no need to go H.A.M. into the palette.


Left to right: Itty Bitty, Gurl!

Itty Bitty and Gurl! Are nice light shimmer shades in the palette, so I’ve mostly been using them in the inner corners or as a topper on the center of the lid.


Potato is surprisingly not as dark of a brown as I expected. It’s a good warm brown colour that goes well in the crease to blend out the other very warm colours in the palette.

Top to Bottom: Sista, Beautis

Sista and Beautis fall under a very similar shade of a red-brick tone, and I really like how Sista looks like a glossy pink when used with Gurl!, which I find to be slightly cooler in undertone. I reach for these types of shades often when doing an eye look, so I like that I get a decent amount in the palette.


I was surprised to like Bomb. I’m usually not for shimmery brown colours, but on it’s own on the lid you can pull off a soft smokey look. I’ve used it to line my bottom lashes or to deepen the outer v of my eye, and because of the shimmer in it, the eye look still gives an overall soft look.

Dual Ended Liner

Left: Kohl Liner, Right: Felt Tip Liner

IMG_20180304_173440.jpgKohl Liner
Isn’t completely transfer-proof to my water line (is there a pencil liner that is?), but definitely one of the better ones I’ve used. I like the liner without the pointed tip because I find my eye gets less poked when I tightline  >.<

Felt Tip Liner
Noooot my favourite in this kit. Don’t get me wrong, the liner is very black and budgeproof, but it bleeds on application. I also find it hard to achieve an effortless thin line like I can get with the Asian liners I use, so I have to pay extra close attention to that as well. It’s honestly a personal preference for my eye shape, otherwise those with more eyelid space may not have a problem with this.




Sista all over the lid
Beautis at inner and outer corner
Gurl! center of lid
Bomb on bottom lash line
Itty Bitty inner corner
Kohl Liner to tightline
Felt Tip Liner for wing


  • Palette is definitely pigmented.
  • Not super buttery, but definitely not chalky.
  • My Real Techniques brushes picked up product very easily and I did not have to dig into the palette.
  • Colours can stand out on their own and doesn’t wash out into one colour. I expected it from Sista and Beautis but they held their own.
  • I was able to create multiple looks with all shadows together, and now that I’m publishing this, I can enjoy some simple looks with the palette too!
  • Shimmers give the lid a really nice wet, almost glossy look rather than glittery.
  • The Dual Ended Liner is actually a decent size.
  • Liners are pretty waterproof and very black. The only way you’ll get them to budge is if you put a moisturizer over top (I had to one time because my eyelids were so damn dry from not putting on eye cream in my AM routine) or try to rub it off aggressively.


  • Shimmers have fallout so be sure to wipe off face before finishing your look.
  • Felt tip liner bleeds on application and is hard to achieve a precise winged line (for me, because it’s been a while.)


More of a day-time appropriate palette (in my opinion).


Worth the 28 CAD dollars, as much as I wish I bought it for 20 (buying drugstore products that expensive hurts me a little, but Pixi is more mid-range).

Hope you enjoyed the review!

Have you tried Dulce Candy or Chloe Morello’s palettes? Let me know which one you like best out of the 3 “Pixi Belles”!

xo, M

P.S. A couple of my recent Instagram selfies include shadows from the palette for my eye look!

I bought this with my own money at Shoppers Drugmart y’all.

One thought on “REVIEW: Pixi x Weylie Hoang Dimensional Eye Creator Kit

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