Low Buy Update #3: Rule Struggles, Hauling Habits, Less Makeup

We have finally entered the last 3 month stretch of 2022, so it is time for a low buy update! Please be sure to check out the following posts for further context:

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Spring 2022 Skincare Empties

In short, I decided 2022 was going to be a low buy year. My primary goal was/is to use minimalism as a tool to help me declutter my skincare collection of 80-100+ products. I also want to achieve mental clarity and appreciate having more with less. I created rules in order to achieve these goals and hold myself accountable by sharing updates!

Now let’s get in to the 3-month update.

Many Newbies, Little Empties

I broke the rule of emptying a skincare item before opening a newbie – specifically with sunscreens. I currently had 8 open sunscreens the past 3 months and only emptied 1. If you’re wondering why you haven’t seen many sunscreen empties from me, that’s why. My sunscreen reviews do well on my channel and I have felt the pressure to put out multiple sunscreen review video. All that’s happened really is I overwhelm myself and then I end up growing a back-burner collection of skincare. Due to unopened sunscreens in my collection, I may not buy sunscreen for the rest of the year.

These past 3 months in particular I found myself struggling to finish up products. If I don’t find them interesting enough to use in my skincare routine, I don’t use it at all (even on my body).

What I’ve Learned From my Hauls

I have done 3 skincare hauls this year (so far). I have noticed a pattern – once I received the package, I use the products right away. There is both a pro and con to this habit:

  • Pro – I am using what I am buying and either consistently using it in my skincare routine or it is an item I rely on occasionally and serves a purpose in my skincare collection. So it is clear that the purchases I made were intentional.
  • Con – I forget about using up other items in my collection that I have little to no interest in (as I’ve just touched upon in the previous point). It then takes forever to use up, takes up space and bothers me that I never reach for it even though I’m enjoying my skincare routine as is with the newbies in my collection.

Overall, the past 3 purchases consisted of items I thought about using for a long time, how it’ll work with my skin needs and what I like using. I find I have no temptation for adding in skincare senselessly. I have learned that if it doesn’t suit my skin needs in the moment, I will not use it. When it comes to skincare reviews, consistency and interest in the product is key. If I’m not interested in the product, I don’t want to make the effort to review it.

Makeup No-Buy & Declutter

2022 is still a solid no-buy year for makeup. Actually, I have even decluttered more items from my collection. In my second low buy update, I talked about discovering my colour palette. This has been such a game-changer in my makeup routine as well as style. I discovered I am of a cool olive undertone. Ever since using colours that complement this, I have barely had a desire to reach for anything else. Previously, I used to express myself through makeup. I wore a lot of it and thought I would appear interesting that way. At this point in time, I understand myself more. I am able to express it more holistically rather than just through makeup.

After this epiphany, I decluttered more of my makeup stash. Fortunately, my sister and best friend from highschool were visiting! I was able to give them makeup that suited their colour palettes and makeup routines. Old makeup has already been discarded. I am keeping the untouched, good standing makeup for other friends to check out.

This discovery of being a cool colour palette doesn’t mean I discarded all my warm-tone makeup. I kept colours I like reaching for and work with my skin during warmer, sunnier months. It’s just good to know that my go-to makeup works with me all year round.

And that’s it for my third low buy update! How has your low buy year going? Leave comments down below!

xo, M

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