Picture Polish “Pooh” Swatch and Review

I was quite intrigued by this colour while browsing Picture Polish’s website. “Pooh” is described as a “honey mustard holographic nail polish with holo flakes and will dry smooth on nails.” Kelli Marissa describes it as a “pretty ugly” colour. I like the colour mustard (hate the taste of the condiment itself), love holo, so I thought why not give this shade of polish a go? I tried it on right away shortly after receiving it in the mail, I just had to kill my curiosity with this colour!

  • Base Coat: Mystery base I picked up from a shop – it’s a transparent green base?
  • Colour: Picture Polish “Pooh”
  • Top Coat: Holo Taco Glossy Top Coat

I needed about 3 coats to cover some nail line but it is still not fully opaque on me – could be that my nails are longer than what the recommended coating is. The first coat was quite questionable because I couldn’t help but feel like my nails looked like they had an infection. But as the coats layered, it looked a lot better.

The colour is indeed a honey mustard yellow and the holo does show through in certain lighting. I’ve sent these photos to a few friends, and got a few opinions

  • ??
  • A fine line between cute and infection
  • A happy yellow, but not one that seems wearable on skin with yellow undertone.

My opinion: I like it the more I stare at it, but then sometimes I reconsider. I’m just very confused how to feel lol. It could very well be that I like the colour, just not on me! Perhaps I’d prefer a pastel mustard. Or maybe it’s more of a summery shade. Who knows. All I know is that Picture Polish’s “Pooh” nail polish is making me feel all sorts of ways!

Hope you enjoyed this short and sweet post!

xo, M

China Glaze Jollywood Collection – Winter 2020

This is quite an exciting post for me to write, for it is my first time reviewing nail polishes! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been posting some swatches and a bit of nail art this year. I’ve had an “aha” moment of why painting your nails feels so therapeutic – and just fun! After watching a few tutorials I feel way more patient and comfortable painting my nails. Having said this, I’m still not the cleanest painter on the web, so please forgive me if my cuticle line isn’t up to par like the pros.

In this post I’ll be reviewing the China Glaze Jollywood Collection kindly sent by Nail Polish Canada! I swatched all 12 nail polishes, provided a brief description of each shade as indicated by China Glaze, and my own two cents as a beginner nail polish aficionado!

For every swatch, I used a base coat, painted two coats, and topped off with Seche Vite quick dry top coat. Note that some polishes did need 3 coats, which I will flag down below. My nails are also on the longer side.

PR Samples sent for review purposes. This in no way effects my opinion of the products.
My opinions are honest, always *casts doe patronus*

Tinsel Town, Snow Biz, Slay Your Line

I grouped these three shades together because they all had the same finish and effect. They are shimmer polishes but looked almost foiled when angled differently. Their shimmer had mostly the same colour, and all created a sparkly wet icicle effect in real life! I saw a bit of nail line with 2 coats, but it wasn’t obvious unless I inspected up close.

Tinsel Town is silver shimmer. Pretty colour, but it is quite bright and cool for my undertone.
Snow Biz is a silver gray shimmer. I see hints of red, green and magenta glitter when it sparkles.
Slay Your Line is a silver blue shimmer. It’s what Kelli Marissa would call a “blurple” – sometimes I see an icy blue, other times icy purple.

Screen Vixen

Screen Vixen

Screen Vixen is a gold shimmer matte, a type of polish I never knew existed! The finish and colour reminds me of a frosted gold ornament. The polish was fully opaque in 2 coats, and a bit of shine was brought back with a top coat. Again another pretty colour, but the it looked off with my skin tone.

Melrose Fireplace, Valet the Sleigh

I grouped these two polishes together because they both have larger glitter and dry down to a textured finish. Adding a top coat brings the shine back to both.

Melrose Fireplace is a champagne gold shimmer. Once a top coat is added, it sparkles like Tinsel Town, Snow Biz, and Slay Your Line. In the photo it looks like champagne gold, but in person the colour reminds me of an ivory wedding dress that has a hint of pink with sparkles running through it. I can also still see a bit of nail line after the second coat, but it’s not very noticeable unless I look up close. It is my favourite classic, neutral colour out of the four so far!

Valet the Sleigh is a purple glitter, that has silver, black, magenta, and red glitter. It reminds me of a non-traditional colour holiday party dress! I find the depth of the purple a bit more prominent than what’s shown in the photo.

Famous Fir Sure, Silent Nightlife

Famous Fir Sure is a metallic green.
Silent Nightlife is a lavender shimmer crème.

They both have similar metallic pearl finishes, but I do notice Silent Nightlife looks a little softer than Famous Fir Sure based on the photo. I also learned that this type of polish formula is supposed to be the kind of that shows brush strokes, but I think I did an okay job on the second coat! In comparison to Screen Vixen, the particles are all the same size and colour except it’s a shiny finish. These shades also remind me of soft, frosted looking ornaments, but they are so soft I do feel some spring vibes coming from them.

Yule Jewels and Santa Monica Claus

Is this what is known as a “crelly” formula? Not really a cream and not really a jelly? I could still see my nail line from far away in 2 coats, so these nail definitely needed three coats for more opacity. Both of them are red, but have different undertones to them and I find the sparkle quite different on the two.

Yule Jewels is a light red lacquer with holographic flakes. It is a lighter red compared to Santa Monica Claus, and leans quite warm, like an orange-red. Even with 3 coats I still saw a smidge of nail line, and I don’t see any holographic reflect in this polish, the glitter also looks mostly orange-red with hints of green, I find it more dimensional.

Santa Monica Claus is a red gold shimmer lacquer. Darker and more opaque than Yule Jewels, it also leans on the cooler, more blue undertone kind of red. This one does not have as large or as bright of glitter as Yule Jewels, but it sure still is pretty under false light!

Deck the Malls, Celebri-Tree

Saved the more “difficult” polishes for last! Difficult in the sense that these were the two that had such an uneven first coat when I applied them. After the first coat however it was all the feel I needed to do the second to make it more level. Both didn’t dry to a super textured finish but a glossy top coat definitely helps make them feel a bit smoother.

Deck the Malls is a dark blue glitter. Quite a different colour from the collection, but it still gives me a holiday feel. I like that it’s such a dark blue, but I don’t confuse it for black. The glitters in here look square-shaped and they are scattered as you apply the polish. Inspecting up close, it looks like a soft starry night. The photo is quite up close with a glossy finish, but this colour does give a gentle, subtle sparkle look in person. It’s definitely not as sparkly as the golds and silvers in the collection.

Celebri-Tree is an emerald tinsel. Okay, this is seriously my FAVOURITE colour out of the collection! It looks SO cool! It has some serious Christmas tree (or Christmas grass) vibes. There is clearly a silver bar type glitter in this as well as small silver round ones. Layering this polish also changes up the colour of some of the glitter, giving it a cool effect. This colour instantly reminded me of a ton of Christmas/winter movies – How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Night Before Christmas, the Nutcracker, Chronicles of Narnia. Yeah, it’s peculiar, but the point is the holiday feel and sparkler really comes out of this polish!


I really enjoyed trying all these new polishes and new-to-me formulas. China Glaze Jollywood collection offers a variety of different formulas and finishes, enough to make me “ooh” and “awe” along the swatch-fest!

Here are my top colours that gave me the most feels:

You can purchase the China Glaze Jollywood collection at Nail Polish Canada.

I hope you found my first nail polish review helpful and informative! It was fun to do, but wow the fumes.

Let me know how I did in the comments down below, hopefully my swatches next time will look cleaner and I’ll have a steadier hand by then.

xo, M