Picture Polish “Pooh” Swatch and Review

I was quite intrigued by this colour while browsing Picture Polish’s website. “Pooh” is described as a “honey mustard holographic nail polish with holo flakes and will dry smooth on nails.” Kelli Marissa describes it as a “pretty ugly” colour. I like the colour mustard (hate the taste of the condiment itself), love holo, so I thought…

China Glaze Jollywood Collection – Winter 2020

This is quite an exciting post for me to write, for it is my first time reviewing nail polishes! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been posting some swatches and a bit of nail art this year. I’ve had an “aha” moment of why painting your nails feels so therapeutic – and just fun! After watching a few tutorials I feel way more patient and comfortable painting my nails. Having said this, I’m still not the cleanest painter on the web, so please forgive me if my cuticle line isn’t up to par like the pros.

In this post I’ll be reviewing China Glaze’s Jollywood Collection kindly sent by Nail Polish Canada! I swatched all twelve nail polishes, provided a brief description of each shade, and my own two cents as a beginner nail polish aficionado!