As of March 21, 2018, products marked with an asterisk (*) indicates that the product is a PR item sent for review purposes or a gift from a family/friend.

PR Friendly

MICHXMASH is PR friendly, and I always post honest reviews.

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My Affiliate Links and Codes

There are select companies I signed up to be an affiliate for because I truly love their products and am personally a frequent customer.

By using these links, I earn a small commission from your purchase. Your support is much appreciated when you use these links!

Throughout blog posts and my sidebar ads are the following companies I have my personal affiliate link connected:

Nuciya Beauty – An online Canadian retailer of quality natural and Korean products. I managed to find a handful of brands that weren’t sold to Canadians from other websites I visit.

PIIT28 (By Blogilates) – I personally did the PIIT28 program and saw results within a short time. I really like Blogilates message about becoming strong and healthy in our individual bodies.
I DID PIIT28: The Tiny PIIT Princess Perspective

StyleKorean – An online retailer for affordable and popular KBeauty.

Wishtrend – An amazing online retailer for affordable natural Korean skincare. Multiple products they carry have worked for me so I always go back to them.

The Detox Market – A very luxe organic beauty store that sells very high quality items I absolutely gush over and online window shop frequently.