I solemnly swear I will always post honest reviews.

As much as I’d love the thought of being able to blog full-time and make income that way, I actually am in the midst of pursuing a new career. This blog is my hobby, my creative outlet, and I’m just sharing my trials and tribulations in pursuit to clear skin. PR Samples helps me save money. Otherwise, if I want a product, I will buy it. I’ve been blogging for a few years now and I just wanted to make this clear when you come to my website.
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All disclosures related to the following will be placed at the TOP of the post as of April 17, 2019:
– PR samples given in exchange for review
– PR samples with no review expectations
– Affiliate Links on bulk reviews, hauls, empties, etc. If it a sole product review, the disclosure will be near the link. See below the companies I signed up with and what using my affiliate links mean.
– Sponsored posts / paid posts. Blog title will also have “AD”.

All thoughts are my own, always *casts patronus*

MICHXMASH Affiliate Links and Codes

There are select companies I signed up to be an affiliate for.
1) I’ve personally shopped on all these sites and have had pleasant experiences
2) Carry products that appeal to me
3) Majority are international online retailers

By using these links, I earn a small commission from your purchase at NO extra cost to you. Your support is much appreciated if you decide to use these links!

Throughout blog posts and my sidebar ads are the following companies I have my personal affiliate link connected:

Banish Acne Scars – A local U.S. company that’s on a mission to help acne sufferers clear their skin! I’ve tried most of their products and have seen results. They cater to a specific demographic – those who want minimal, natural ingredients that are meant to improve acne and help heal the aftermath.
REVIEW: Banish Acne Scars Banish Starter Kit
REVIEW: The New Banisher 2.0! | AD

Dokodemo – My favourite site to shop for J-Beauty.

Malezia – Brainchild brand behind F.C. from SimpleSkincareScience who suffered with malassezia folliculitis. When starting my clear skin journey, I learned so much from this blog and I wanted to support the simple, minimal skincare created for those of us suffering from acne!
Malezia 5% Urea Moisturizer and 2.5% Micronized Benzoyl Peroxide Acne Treatment Gel Review

PIIT28 (By Blogilates) – I personally did the PIIT28 program and saw results within a short time. I really like Blogilates message about becoming strong and healthy in our individual bodies.
I DID PIIT28: The Tiny PIIT Princess Perspective

RewardStyle & Shopmy – Online platforms that are partnered with many websites (that I also personally shop on) that I can create an affiliate links from.

StyleKorean – An online retailer for affordable and popular KBeauty.

Wishtrend – An online retailer for affordable natural Korean skincare. Multiple products they carry have worked for me so I always go back to them.

YesStyle – They carry KBeauty, JBeauty, clothing and accessories!

How I Review Products & Edit Photos

– Will test for at least 2 weeks
– If it is related to acne will try to document before / afters. Please keep in mind I’m using topical prescriptions to maintain control over acne.

– Try to get any swatches in natural light

Photo Editing:
– If the photo is too dark, I usually just adjust exposure and lighting to get the most accurate colour of my face or product.

My photos can only be used by me and no one else.