March Favourites 2016: Mostly Beauty, a Tad of Fashion

Hey beauties,

Here is a round-up of beauty items and fashion pieces I’ve been liking a lot for the month of March. Some I purchased this month, others I have had for a while now, but have been using them a lot recently. Hope you enjoy the read!

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Be Chill, Warm and Moisturized

If any of you live in Canada, or any country that gets below 0C, you know the agony of dry skin and a bone-chilled body! Although we have had a mild winter, I am very tiny, and I can’t put up with the cold. It hurts my soul when I step outside and the wind blows across my face… and arms… and legs… and ears… and head… and hands… Here are some beauty items and clothing that have been helping me keep it together while I wait for spring!

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