2nd Skincare Haul of 2022: Niche Beauty Lab + Allies of Skin

8 months into the year of 2022, and I am sharing with you my second skincare haul! This time around I made a purchase from Niche Beauty Lab, a Spanish-based beauty company that reminds me a lot of Deciem. I picked up 4 products and am sharing with you what they are and my reasons for buying them. I also feature a new Allies of Skin skincare product that I won in an Instagram giveaway 😀

Transparent Lab Soft PHA Peeling Cleanser

Recall my Spring Skincare Empties 2022 video when I talked about replacing the Paula’s Choice BHA Spray with a Geek & Gorgeous exfoliant? Well I changed my mind when I saw Niche Beauty’s Transparent Lab Soft PHA Peeling Cleanser. I’ve come to like using certain actives in cleanser form, BHA being one of them. I decided to pick up this cleanser for it has 5% PHA and 1% BHA – a low pH, gently exfoliating cleanser for both my face and body that’s easy to use.

* https://go.shopmy.us/p-570669 4:43


I decided to pick up THERAMID C-TETRA E.F., a 20% vitamin C serum for my hubs who likes having this active in his super minimal skincare routine. I opted for a vitamin C derivative-based serum because it’s just gentler to use and less fussy than the traditional L-Ascorbic Acid serum.

* https://go.shopmy.us/p-570675 6:58


My main reason behind a Niche Beauty haul, their new 15% Azelaic Acid serum, THERAMID AZID! My prescription 5% Dapsone is finished, so I decided to return to using AA in my skincare routine. In my experience, AA has brightening properties and it is a fairly gentle anti-acne active. I have already used THERAMID AZID a handful of times and I am very impressed so far.

* https://go.shopmy.us/p-570673 10:34

THERAMID Advanced Eye Treatment

My eye area just hasn’t been the same since I emptied out the Hylamide SubQ Eyes. I’m currently using the COSRX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream; I like how it softens the skin on my eye area, but it just doesn’t have the same effect. I decided to pick up THERAMID’s Advanced Eye Treatment with a concoction of different actives in hopes I get a similar effect to the discontinued Hylamide SubQ Eyes.

* https://go.shopmy.us/p-570676 13:33

Allies of Skin Molecular Barrier Recovery Cream Balm (Gifted)

Remember in my 2nd Low Buy Update when I talked about temptations and that I participated in Instagram giveaways? Well it turns out after that video, I ended up winning Allies of Skin’s new Molecular Barrier Recovery Cream Balm 😀 I already started rotating it in and out of my skincare routine to compare to other products I tend to reach for, so I’ll be sure to review this pricey skincare product in the future.

* https://go.shopmy.us/p-570677

And that’s all, folks! I’m still patiently waiting for my YesStyle haul to come in the mail with further skincare purchases I will justify to you all lol. In the meantime, please check out some other content related to this one:

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xo, M

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