[REVIEW] NUDESTIX: Concealer Pencil (Light 3), Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil (Kiss, Pixi, Belle, & Purity), Lash Lengthening Mascara

NUDESTIX has been a brand I have always stared at in the distance while browsing Sephora, but never bothered to swatch and play with. The moment I did, it began a new obsession! As the name suggests, they are makeup sticks. They have concealers, lip&cheek products, eyeshadow pencils, contour sticks and more! I started off by purchasing the following:

Concealer Pencil in Light 3 (0.05 oz/ 1.5 mL)
Full size of Intense Matte Lip&Cheek Pencil in Kiss (0.05 oz/ 1.41 g)
Mini set of their “nudes” Pixi, Belle and Purity (0.088 oz)
Lash Lengthening Mascara (0.28 oz/ 8.28 mL)


NUDESTIX is the brainchild of sisters Ally and Taylor (as well as their chemical engineer mother, Jenny), who love all-out natural makeup, opting for that barely-there look with only a touch of color to accentuate their finest features. After explaining that current makeup brands and collections simply don’t apple to their no-nonsense attitude, they created this concealer pencil. NUDESTIX believes that your natural skin should thrive, and that you only need to cover here and there to get that perfectly, “go nude but better” look.

Majority of the time, I like to keep my makeup simple and let my skin show. It’s been looking clearer, and I like how it looks without a full face of foundation. The NUDESTIX sounded right up my alley and I was so intrigued by the swatches I just had to give them a try!

Unless specified, all products will come with a black pencil case, a mirror (it’s on the lid), and a pencil sharpener. It’s cool at first but the novelty gets old real fast when each and every individual product comes with one!


The stix all pretty much have similar bases, but it’s obviously differentiated based on their functions (concealing, mattifying, non-drying, moisturizing, etc.). If you’d like to see more, just check it out on Sephora, otherwise this post will be mundanely long!

-Vitamin E: Works as a natural moisturizer and antioxidant.

-Shea Butter: Acts as a rich and powerful moisturizer and anti-inflammatory.

-Lash-Boosting Complex (whatever that means)


This NUDESTIX Concealer Pencil is a matte cream concealer/foundation that provides all-in-one, long wear, blendable coverage to give your skin that little extra boost it deserves. Infused with skin conditioning and moisturizing ingredients, including shea butter and vitamin E, these fun and portable makeup sticks are perfect for all skintones and allow you to effortlessly create a quick and easy “nude look but better” look wherever you go. They’re perfect for a barely-there, fresh-faced finish with only a touch of color to emphasize your finest features.20170319131633_IMG_2249~4

Despite them claiming that the concealer pencils are good for all skin tones, you need to get colour matched. I first purchased the Medium 4 and it was WAY too pink. Like all I would ever see on my face were pink marks. I went back and swatched them out with a Sephora employee* and she helped me pick out a more yellow shade which turned out to be Light 3, and even a tad bit darker!

*I actually emailed NUDESTIX customer service to ask for their recommendation for what Concealer Pencil they’d recommend for yellow undertones (about 3 months ago) and I never received an answer. Good thing I went in store again to ask for help or I would’ve been waiting forever for a reply!

Light 3 concealer under eyes, on nose bridge, over pore area, around the mouth and acne spots

True to the description, the concealer is indeed a matte finish, but application is very creamy. I mainly concentrate the concealer on my blemishes, around my nose and mouth where I get red, and on the top and sides of my nose for slight contouring (or non-touring, whatever kids are calling it these days!)

– It covers my big blemishes nicely
– It blends well with my skin tone and covers more red areas
– Doesn’t dry out my skin despite matte finish
– However, it will cling to dry patches
– It gives a nice natural contour to my nose without trying too hard
– For fun I decided to put it under my eyes, even though I never conceal there, and it never creases badly or look obvious
– I’ve only had to sharpen it a couple of times, even then I never have to sharpen it to a full point for it to be use-able


A soft, non-drying matte lipstick, lip liner, and cheek blush in an all-in-one pencil.

This ultra-long-wearing matte formula is waterproof, smudge-proof, soft, and non-feathering for up to six hours. Its intense pigment load and color provides lips with maximum smooth coverage.

I have to say, the description of these colours make me laugh. Not only are they all described as nude (well I guess it sticks to the theme NUDEstix), but the description of the colours are so off. I will get into that with each colour.



Kiss (full size) Just kissed rude nude – My first lip+cheek purchase and my favourite colour. It goes well for both my light and tan skin on the cheeks and is a beautiful lip colour. Not too cold and not to warm!


Pixi (mini) Matte, nude brown – I have no idea where they think the brown is, because I don’t see anything brown about it! It’s a beautiful flush colour on the cheeks, and quite pink at that! But once I put it on the lips I feel kinda washed out. It’s like a cold, pasty nude on my lips.

Belle (mini) Matte plum nude – I must say I have similar lip products this colour, and plum is not the first colour I think of to describe it. I like this one a lot as an everyday colour, and have been reaching for it just as much as my Kiss pencil.

Purity (mini) Matte natural-flesh nude – This is the darkest colour of the 3, so it could be a nude on someone with darker skin! I love this colour however when I feel like doing a more slightly bolder lip, it really ties the look together!

– Matte but doesn’t dry out my lips
– Sits well on top of chapstick
– Looks very natural
– Lasts well until eating something greasy (as usual with any lip product)

– Blends wonderfully on the cheeks
– Looks very natural
– The intensity of the colour doesn’t last that long, especially if you work 10+ hours, but the colour is still there
– Doesn’t dry out cheeks or make them look powdery



NUDESTIX Lash Lengthening Mascara boosts the volume of your lashes and helps you to create a captivating eye look. Formulated with peptides, this lash strengthening and lengthening treatment mascara supports the natural growth rate of your lashes, without clumping or flaking. This creamy mascara evenly glides on each lash, providing intense thickness, volume, and flexibility throughout the day. It lashes longer and thicker, and is best for all eyes—even those most sensitive. The easily removable mascara is formulated to brush on a soft and flexible, even coat.

I am extremely picky about mascara wands, and this one did not appeal to me at all, but the description of the formulation did.

After using it for 3 weeks, it’s just… an OK mascara.

– Surprisingly doesn’t smudge
– Barely lengthened and barely dramatic
– My lashes droop quickly after application which is weird since the formula doesn’t feel heavy on the lashes
– Sometimes it separated lashes, sometimes it clumped them together
– Building the mascara works at the base to make it look slightly thicker, but it definitely doesn’t help with the lash separation

This is probably the most disappointing product I have tried out of all my purchases from NUDESTIX. Sure it made my lashes feel healthy, but not enough for $28. I returned it.


– Stix are very blendable
– Neither concealer or lip+cheek stix dries out my skin or lips, but both should be conditioned properly beforehand
– Very compact and easy to use
– Little needed if used properly
– The mascara doesn’t make my lashes look crispy, good for daily use to get lash growing benefits

– I hate the number of tins I have – the price of $28CAD could probably be less if the tin and sharpener weren’t mandatory for every purchase – they should look into separating it.
– The concealers are not neutral undertones; from my own experience some definitely lean more pink than others.
– The mascara is nothing special, can find another natural mascara that can perform better.
– Although sharpening isn’t a huge deal (it’s a good sharpener) it gets messy. And although not  lot of product is sharpened off, it was enough to cover my whole T-zone.

OVERALL – I recommend it!
The stix function like the description says. It’s currently sold at $28 CAD, and a little goes a long way. I’ve had it for a couple of months and I’ve only sharpened it a handful of times, and have been using it every day. If you want products that’ll be quick, easy, and will give you more sleep time in the morning, NUDESTIX products are definitely the way to go. Just… Take one tin with you!

Thanks for reading, as always.



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