Scalp and Hair Care Routine 2022: 1B, Low Porosity, Virgin Hair

Another year, another post on my current scalp and hair care routine! The past year I’ve been trying out many different kinds of products – I did the “clean” beauty shampoo/conditioners, bars, gentle surfactant formulas, traditional SLES/SLS and dimethicone containing products, oil-silicone blends, scalp treatments, anti-dandruff washes… Like I said, I’ve been trying a lot. But this routine I’m about to share is by far the simplest, easiest one yet!

Before we get into the routine, about my hair:

  • Type 1; I’m thinking B because it’s not fine, ultra thin hair
  • Medium strand
  • ~*ViRGiN*~
  • I consider my hair to have majority low porosity – the only place where it may be questionably higher are right at the tips. Even then, they’re not near as bad as when I had bleached ends! Either way, I think no matter the porosity, all of us have a similar goal on keeping our hair moisturized so the water levels in external environments don’t effect our hair and retaining moisture in general.
  • Oily scalp – I prefer washing it on an as need basis instead of piling on the dry shampoo.
  • Hair – pretty normal! Now that it’s all ~*ViRGiN*~ again I haven’t felt the need to pile on the various moisturizing products.

Check out my hair routines from previous years:

Here’s my simple scalp and hair care routine for my 1B, low porosity, virgin hair. The easiest routine yet!

My Scalp and Hair Care Routine

Here’s what my usual scalp and hair care routine looks like on wash day:

  1. Wash scalp and crown of hair with a simply formulated shampoo for oilier scalps.
  2. Condition scalp and mid-shaft to ends with a conditioner simply formulated with oils.
  3. Wrap hair in microfiber towel for 5-15ish minutes.
  4. Blow dry hair with medium heat at a distance; Switch to cool setting once almost dry.
  5. Apply hair serum/oil at the tips and brush hair starting at the ends.


  1. Hair mask once a week.
  2. Use anti-dandruff shampoo as needed.

And that’s it! Surprisingly, once I switched back to “clean” beauty products – essentially just shampoo/conditioners with saponified oils – my hair felt great. It actually reminded me of the year I used a lot of Calia Natural. Simply formulated hair wash products + just washing my hair as needed is keeping my scalp healthy while just making sure the rest of my hair is nicely conditioned. I’ve rarely had to reach for an anti-dandruff shampoo because my scalp doesn’t have noticeable dandruff and it doesn’t feel as irritated as it used to. I like doing a hair mask once a week to maintain the soft feeling I like for my hair. Last year I did the Capillary Schedule and while I don’t think one needs 3 different types of hair masks, I saw the benefit of hair masking in general and I learned what works best for my hair. Maybe in another post I can talk more about my experience with the Capillary Schedule and whether or not I think it’s worth it. In the mean time, check out my instagram post!


The Products I Use in my Scalp and Haire Care Routine

Herbis Shampoo with Rosemary for Hair with Oily Scalp and Dry Ends

Herbis Natural Conditioner for Healthy Hair and Scalp

Herbis Mask for Dry and Exhausted Hair

Ducray Squanorm Anti-Dandruff Treatment Shampoo

Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil

I feel like my scalp and hair health have come a looooooong way since I stopped bleaching and dying back in 2017. After much trial and error, I’m really happy that I’ve come to finally understand my scalp and hair needs without using an excessive amount of products. I feel like I broke out of the vicious cycle!

Now that I’m here, I hope I can do more scalp and hair care posts in the future; Such as more detailed posts on how my scalp’s health improved, general hair care, damage prevention tips, and more first impressions on hair masks and DIYs!

As always I hope you find this content helpful and informative.

xo, M

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