First Impressions | Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Masks (Lotus, Hyaluronic Acid & Snail)

In my previous post Winter Skincare Routine for Dry and Acne Prone Skin I mentioned that sheet masks were Asia’s gift to us. I still and have always held by this statement since I tried sheet masks way back when I first started getting into Korean skincare.

If you don’t know, sheet masks are, well, sheets, on average the size of your face (not accurately), drenched in serum. While it may seem gimmicky, these babies sure do wonders. I always notice my face more hydrated, smooth, and bright. Depending on your specific skin concerns, constant use over time of specific sheet masks may help those problems!

While in Seoul a tourist must always walk around in Myeongdong, for this is where most, if not all, skincare shops are within walking distance of each other.

My favourite Korean brand Etude House was having a sale specifically for foreigners (lucky me) of 10pcs of the 0.2mm Therapy Air Masks for 10, 000 Won (~$12 CAD). Of course I got 4 packs (split between Nick and I. Nick uses sheet masks.)


I purchased Lotus (soothing & purifying), Hyaluronic Acid (skin moisturizing) and Snail (smoothening & firming).

Since it’ll be a while for Nick and I to go through all of them, this post will be dedicated to the first time use of each mask!

About 0.2mm Air Therapy Masks

Light and comfortable like the air! Hypo-allergenic sheets that won’t cause irritate your sensitive skin.

  • Passed the sensitive panel test
  • Water purified through our 6-step filtration system
  • EWG green grade (1-2) ingredients only
  • 7-FREE (free from the 7 most hazardous ingredients)
  • Remarkable air-penetration to allow your skin to breathe comfortably
  • (natural vegetable sheet)
  • The natural scents make you happy! 🙂 All products use natural essence oils (Fragrance Free)

Etude House Advertises 3 features of the Air Therapy Masks on their website:

  1. 3 types of essence – moist water, ampoule, emulsion
    • “The Moist Water Type Essence – is absorbed lightly and freshly to refresh your skin
    • The Ampoule Type Essence – absorbs into your skin mildly but brings powerful moisturization
    • The Emulsion Type Essence – is absorbed into your skin smoothly with added nutrition”
  2. Better adherance, more transparency – mask will adhere to your face better and is a very transparent sheet compared to other sheet masks
  3. Better elastic force – no tear, no slack
More info on the Etude House website.

First Impressions

Right out of the packaging each mask is very, very drenched. It actually makes it a slight challenge to unfold the mask while watching for drippage. Once on, they all sit quite comfortably, allowing me to walk and do my thing (provided you keep your face looking forward.)


  1. Apply toner to skin after cleansing.
  2. Remove mask from pouch and apply to face, placing mask to fit eye and lip area.
  3. Remove mask after 10~20 minutes and lightly massage remaining solution into skin with hands.

I have kept all masks on for 20 minutes. This was enough time until the masks started drying, but not so much.

Lotus – Moist Water Type Essence

“Lotus is called the ‘flower of purification.’ It relieves the stress and calms the skin. You can feel comfortable and healthy with this mask!”

The sheet mask is very transparent from packaging to face. It fit my face pretty well except around the nose area of course.

Hard to tell by the photo, but I had quite a bit of redness in the middle of my face after getting out of the shower (just finished exfoliating and toning), and the mask did calm my skin down, so to speak. However I think that can be done with any sheet mask. I didn’t notice anything too spectacular with this one from the other sheet masks (smoothe and soften the skin), other than maybe it sank into the skin the quickest. For a “purifying” mask, I didn’t notice a change in my breakouts at all.

Hyaluronic Acid – Ampoule Type Essence

“Hyaluronic Acid has a remarkable ability to retain moisture. It makes skin smooth and hydrated.”

I really like how this sheet mask feels. It’s very drenched in product and smoothed out well on my skin.

I really liked the finished result of this one – my face was very smooth and hydrated. It didn’t really help alleviate my breakouts, but at least it didn’t make them worse!

Snail – Emulsion Type Essence

“Snail slime makes your skin very smooth and glow. Also, it helps to reinforce the skin’s natural barrier to improve jelly-soft skin.”

The snail mask is VERY milky. I guess it holds true to the “emulsion type essence.”

From a one time use the results are the same as the Lotus and Hyaluronic Acid sheet mask. Face just looks smoother and hydrated. However, I did notice that the redness around my breakouts subsided a bit. I’m not sure if I’d believe it will help with firmness in the long run, then again there are snail serums sold on the side to help with that as well.

Final Thoughts

I like the idea of it being “airy” and the sheet being thin to get the most out of the mask and as much of the serum as possible. However I didn’t notice that much of a difference from just using a gel mask or regular cotton one. For those that may not like the constricted feeling of some sheet masks, you may like the Therapy Air Mask line for the option.

Lotus is thinnest mask, Snail obviously thickest – so true to it’s 3 types of masks.

My favourite one is Hyaluronic Acid – my skin felt the most nourished from all the 3. I liked Snail for actually calmimg my breakouts, and Lotus was just meh.

Have you tried any of the Etude House 0.2mm Therapy Air Masks? Any other type you’d recommend?

xo, M

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