Skincare Series 1.1: My Daily Skincare Routine

Hello, It’s Me…..

Here’s my updated skincare routine on products that I have used exclusively and consistently from July 2015 to almost a year.Β I needed to find products that would tackle the superficial breakouts I was experiencing on my chin, as well as the utter dehydration and tightness I constantly felt. I could not bare the thought of having cystic acne again, so this routine also had to be something that was preventative as well. My original go to routine (One Routine to Rule Them All) for intense breakouts was not hydrating enough for my skin, so I had to revamp my approach to a new skincare routine. The key to this was to find gentle, yet highly effective products, with a good ingredient list. I didn’t want to just turn to my local Shoppers Drug Mart and get over-the-counter products filled with benzoyl peroxide. I find products like those clear my face, but also make my skin thinner and weaker. Plus, my skin would become “addicted” Β to the medical ingredient, meaning if I wanted to keep up a clear face, I could never sway from it. I wanted to rebuild the strength of my skin, and slowly ween my way off of any intense treatments that I’d have to rely on.

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One Routine to Rule Them All: The Skincare Routine That Saved My Face


This post is dedicated to the routine that helped me achieve a clear face! After doing this routine consistently (even on the party nights) for almost a year, I went from breaking out less to none at all, my face was not inflamed and I could tell what my skin colour was again! It was a relief knowing that all these products were very affordable (save for the one obvious one I will mention below), easy to buy and comes from mother earth herself. Below I share my thoughts on the products that lead to better, brighter, clearer, GLOWIER, days! I have listed the daily routine done with CAD prices so you can get an idea of how affordable these products really are, plus they will last you months. Also, I will only be going into detail of the products I used daily; the miscellaneous items (masks, exfoliants, supplements) will be saved for another post! Now let’s get to the routine!

UPDATE 03/31/18
Having been a couple of years since using this routine, I thought I’d give an updated blurb on my feelings towards this post and some information I feel necessary to add so you understand my skin journey more (a more detailed post will be made in the future).

I still stand by this routine, because it really helped form the skincare routine I have today. I started this routine at the time I finished Epiduo samples my family doctor gave me, and began Diane-35 birth control. I never got the full size of Epiduo because at the time I had a real fear of going back to what my skin was when my previous prescriptions stopped working and didn’t know what skincare was (aka, the face full of cystic acne and a perpetual red face). I started breaking out again despite being on birth control; the BC helped control the number of breakouts, but I was still getting them on my cheeks, nose, and jaw (so looking back, it didn’t even work that much lol). At this point, I wanted to find a way to clear my face without relying on topical medication.

Since using this skincare routine, I’ve learned the importance of oil cleansing and finding a pH balanced cleanser, especially for the heavy makeup-wearers like myself. Toning is still a crucial step in my routine, but with a hydrating toner that offers more to the skin. I do not rely on facial oils as a serum or my main moisturizer. It just can’t work for me in a bustling city, where I need a more moisturized and protected skin barrier.

This routine down below was the start; It was simple, clean, I kept consistency and saw results. I overall learned patience and what to look for in my skincare (and how to look for it!) So when you read this routine below, keep in mind it’s a start, not forever.

If you’re wondering, I’m not on birth control anymore. Actually, I had an awful, inflamy, never-ending zitty chin once I got off of it!Β Skincare Series 1.1: My Daily Skincare Routine

Enjoy the read down below, I plan on doing an updated skincare routine in the near future!

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