January 2018 Roundup

Below are 5 products I’ve been using a lot and liking in January, as well as products I managed to finish during the month! I decided to start a post series called “Roundup” so I not only talk about recent favourites, but to encourage myself (and hopefully you) to use up your current products! As a beauty junkie, it’s easy to collect and not use. I’m trying to change this habit and stop holding onto products that I know I can just buy again.

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REVIEW: S’well is Swell.

Hey hey,

I can’t believe I did it, but I purchased quite an expensive water bottle from S’Well. Similar to the S’well Founder’s aim, I want to stop using plastic water bottles. I have been provided 1L to 1.5L water bottles daily at work for the past 3 years, and always drink out of them. Little did I realize at the time I may have been harming my body more than doing it good from keeping hydrated.

A Little 101 on Plastic Bottles

Aside from the absolute waste of plastic us humans go through on the daily and the price we pay to have access to “fresh” Canadian water, it’s most likely we’ve been drinking from low quality plastic bottles. By this I mean they have Bisphenol A (BPA) and pthalates.

“Bisphenol A is just one chemical that’s been in the news — and in many plastic bottles — recently. This compound mimics estrogens (human female hormones) and has been linked to breast and ovarian cancers and childhood developmental problems. It is found in clear, hard polycarbonate plastic commonly used in household and commercial water coolers and some reusable bottles, and it’s just one potentially harmful substance associated with plastic containers.”

“[Pthalates] are commonly used in the U.S. to make plastics such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) more flexible. Phthalates are also endocrine-disrupting chemicals that have been linked to a wide range of developmental and reproductive effects, including reduced sperm count, testicular abnormality and tumors, and gender development issues.”

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I DID PIIT28: The Tiny PIIT Princess Perspective



If you follow me on my Instagram @michxmash, you may have noticed that in the month of March I have been doing a photo challenge called #PIITstagram. Alongside this in real life, I have been doing PIIT28 – Pilates Intense Interval Training.

PIIT28 is a workout program created by Cassey Ho, a.k.a. Blogilates. It started based off of her needs and personal struggles to not only become more fit, but to work out in her busy schedule. Seeing results, she spent a year creating this program to share.

Basically, you only need to workout 28 minutes and 40 seconds a day, 6 days a week. Yep, that’s it. Here’s a breakdown of what your <30 minute PIIT28 workout looks like:

  • 4 Rounds
  • 1 round = 7 moves
  • 1 move = 45 seconds, 15 second break in between each move (and round)

Warm up before and stretch after, maybe 40 minutes, tops, is your total workout.

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