DECLUTTER #4 | More Face & Eyes

The final declutter (for now) after a many decluttering posts!

These are just some of the extras I picked to throw out after going through my makeup collection one more time! A few of these products were quite the rave, but I didn’t really get anything special out of them. Hope you enjoy the read!

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Hong Kong Haul! (With a Little Bit of Seoul)

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t been consistent with my posts, but I was on a much needed vacation. My boyfriend and I spent around 10 days in beautiful, humid Hong Kong! I only brought a carry-on, but I was able to stow quite a bit of beauty products to pass the security line. My mother was also kind enough to buy me some items from her trip to Seoul! Below are my quick takes on the products I brought, and a more lengthy review on a few of the products will come in the near future 🙂

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